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5 Ways To Teach Your Children Good Dental Habits

Sometimes parents instil their fear of dentists in their children by mistake. Of course our Fullerton children’s dentistry practice wants them to be comfortable. That’s why we put together five ways to teach your children good dental habits so they look forward to their visits.

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Get Innovative

Children love the latest innovation. That’s why if mom and dad are really looking to get them ramped up about their dental care, they’ll get an electric toothbrush. This is the number one item that both parents and pediatric dentists recommend. These are perfect for delicate or sensitive gums and a fast and easy way to clean your children’s teeth.

Be an example

Your children are always ready to follow your lead. The best way to get your kids ready to visit the dentist is show them your enthusiasm for dental hygiene. Making sure your toddlers can see mom and dad brushing in the morning and evening is a good first step.

Gross’em out

Children are always impressed by visuals. It’s not hard to find plaque-disclosing chewable tablets so you can show your little ones where this builds up on your own teeth. After that, you can tell them how our Fullerton children’s dentistry practice can help get rid of those ugly stains.

Tell them a tale

Making up a story line for a visit to the dentist is a good way to make a good impression with your kids. You can make it a little scary with the ghosts and goblins being tooth decay and plaque. The good guys should be here at 7 Day Dental. We are always looking forward to helping every member of your family keep a smile that lasts a lifetime

Bring them in

Seeing is believing even from a young age. If you bring your children in for a visit to our Fullerton children’s dentistry practice, they’ll see for themselves how comfortable and inviting our offices are.

With just a little preplanning, your child will learn to look forward to their visits to the dentist. Once mom and dad help them to understand their smile can last a lifetime, the rest is easy. Remember that we are dedicated to making sure every member of your family has good dental care.  Our Fullerton children’s dentistry practice is a great starting point for that.

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