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Call Anytime! 866-989-1335 We're Open 365 Days a Year

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Anaheim Pediatric Dentistry and So Much More

Here at 7 Day Dental, we pride ourselves on excellent Anaheim pediatric dentistry services. We are proud to be recognized by the American Dental Association for this specialty. You will find our dentists are knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate and our atmosphere friendly and welcoming.

Because we pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive dental office, we accept most insurance plans and have financing for our valued clients who don’t have insurance. It’s all part of our commitment to making sure your entire family has a smile that lasts a lifetime.Anaheim Pediatric Dentistry

Anaheim pediatric dental emergencies

We are here to look after any and all of your Anaheim pediatric dental emergencies too. Active children stand a chance of knocking out a tooth in the course of their adventures and we are here to make sure everything gets put right again after one of these playing or sporting mishaps. A broken or chipped tooth can be quickly fixed by one of our professional and compassionate Anaheim pediatric dentistry professionals.

We also pride ourselves on being proactive and that’s where our Anaheim Endodontics services come into play. Staying on top of any of your children’s dental problems before they develop is one of the things we’re most proud of here at 7 Day Dental. We have the  dedication and literally decades of experience looking after even the most complicated cases.

Starting out with a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime does wonders for your child’s self-esteem and outlook on life. Little boys and girls are destined to become happy fulfilled adults when they can smile with confidence. We want to be part of that here at 7 Day Dental and that’s why we let parents know about our Healthy Start System.

Getting a Healthy Start in life

Straight teeth are the cornerstone of a well-rounded personality and this system does the job just as well or better than some of the plastic aligners and braces on the market today. Our Anaheim pediatric dentistry services always look for the latest innovation. If you’re looking to achieve a brighter healthier smile for your child without surgery or braces, this is the option to consider.

Friendly Anaheim pediatric dental services are here

It’s important to us at 7 Day Dental that we treat each and every member of your family to a lifetime of brilliant smiles and healthy teeth. Requesting an appointment is easily done online and our patient forms can be found right on our website.

For your emergency dental needs, please call us right away. For all your family dental services, you may also request an appointment online using the link below.


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We accept most insurance plans. Our staff can answer all your questions about plans and copayments. In addition, for those without insurance, we have financing plans, including those below.










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