Knocked Out Teeth

If you have a knocked out or avulsed tooth and you don’t know what to do with it, it could be extremely scary. It’s true that having knocked out teeth is one of the biggest dental emergencies related to permanent teeth.


How to save knocked out tooth

In order to save your tooth, it’s important to follow these two steps.

1- Re-implant the avulsed teeth

knocked out teeth

The first step to recover from knocked out teeth is to re-implant the knocked teeth before you get to your dentist. It’s placed back in the socket. However, this re-implant procedure has to be done within 60 minutes so that your teeth can work like normal again. If delayed, the chance of getting the teeth working again would decrease.

Sometimes, re-implantation is not required. Here are the cases when your dentist will suggest against re-implant.

  • If your knocked out teeth are frontal baby teeth or one of those teeth
  • The avulsed tooth has a damaged root

When your dentist decides to re-implant the teeth, it’s important to clean them first. The clean tooth can be easily put back in the socket using a little pressure. It will work as long as the patient can bite and the tooth doesn’t move from its place.

What can be done when re-implant isn’t possible?

When your dentist suggests against re-implant, here is what can be done.

  • Store the tooth in between your cheek and top back teeth after cleaning it by sucking at it (only suggested for adults)
  • You can also store the avulsed tooth or teeth in a cup of saline solution to keep the tooth clean and safe
  • If you don’t have saline solution, use fresh milk to save the tooth
  • In case you have a commercial product available, use it to store the avulsed tooth


2- Get to your dentist as soon as possible

Once you have followed the instructions in the first step, you should try to get to your dentist at the earliest. Your dentist will look at the avulsed tooth/teeth and suggest a procedure to restore your aesthetics and working of the jaw.

Your dentist may choose to perform a root canal procedure when you reach the dental office. Your dentist will consider various factors before choosing a course of action.

  • Time since the tooth has been knocked out
  • Condition of your tooth
  • Other oral injuries suffered in addition to avulsed teeth


At 7 Day Dental, we are available 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year. It means you can visit an experienced dentist at any time in case of an avulsed tooth. Remember, we are open even on holidays such as Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.



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