Bone Grafting in Orange County

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that helps to fix bones and joints. In dentistry, this procedure can help your dentist prepare a site for dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Stable and perfect implants are often possible after performing a bone grafting surgery.

With the help of bone grafting surgery, your dentist can restore the damage caused by resorbing and shrinking bone in case of significant bone loss in the mouth. This procedure is a second chance to have perfect teeth.

What May Cause Bone Loss?

Significant bone loss can make your bone resorb and shrink back, making it impossible for secure placement of dental implants. However, in the world of modern dentistry, this condition doesn’t have to limit your options when it comes to dental implants. The following factors can cause bone loss.

  • You have lost a tooth or teeth
  • A localized infection could cause significant bone loss
  • Gum disease is one of the major reasons for bone loss
  • Trauma can lead to bone loss in some patients

Bone Grafting is a Solution!

With the significant bone loss, sometimes it is impossible to complete a dental implant surgery successfully. The surgery will fail due to lack of support to dental implants. Bone grafting provides a solution to regrow the bone so that the patient has strong and enough bone for a successful dental implant procedure.

Depending on the amount of bone needed for secure placement of implants, your dentist may suggest simple bone grafting surgery (using bovine material) or advice using a native bone. The latter case is sometimes necessary when you have lost so much bone that a native bone is required to meet the deficiency.

The Procedure of Bone Grafting

Your dentist will suggest bone grafting procedure for dental implants when your jaw bone is too thin or soft to secure the implants. If your dentist proceeds without grafting additional bone first, your implant surgery may fail.

The procedure of bone grafting usually involves the following steps.

  • Your surgeon takes a section of your bone from another part of your body or uses a special bone grafting material
  • The material is grafted into your bone
  • Wait for a few months before the graft creates new bone that is strong enough to support the implants
  • Minor bone graft surgery can be done on the same day as dental implant surgery

Bone grafting is successful when your new bone is strong and enough to provide support to your implants. The dental implant surgery can safely precede its usual course after the bone grafting procedure is complete.

What is Guided Tissue Regeneration in Bone Grafting?

Sometimes, your surgeon may choose a process called “guided tissue regeneration” along with bone grafting. This procedure tells your body to recognize bone graft as natural bone. The results are amazing. Your lost bone is replaced with native bone.

When and How Could Native Bone Assist in Bone Grafting?

Your surgeon may have to take a small block of your native bone to perform bone grafting surgery successfully when bovine materials can’t provide enough bulk or strength for implants. This procedure involves the following steps.

  • Your surgeon will harvest a small bone from your body
  • It’s usually taken from your chin or lower jaw
  • This small bone will be transferred to the area with bone deficiency
  • Your surgeon will place a few tiny screws to hold the bone in its place
  • Finally, the area will be covered with bovine bone and a collagen membrane
  • You wait for a few months so that your underlying bone can fuse to the graft

7 Day Dental Can Help

At 7 Day Dental, we help you restore and maintain facial bone structure so that you can finally smile the way you always wanted. Many dental procedures require that you have enough strong bone to provide support. Also, your facial bones provide support for skin and muscles – controlling how aged you look. Our 7 Day Dental surgeons can help you regain bone that you may have lost due to tooth loss, infection, gum disease, or an accident.

Call to discuss bone graft tooth costs or to schedule your exam with a 7 Day Dental dentist. We can help you find a plan that meets your personal bone grafting needs and cosmetic goals.

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