Cancer and Oral Pathologies

Oral cancer is a life-threatening oral pathology. Traditionally it’s difficult to diagnose oral cancer for your dentist during a comprehensive dental exam. At 7 Day Dental, experienced and professional dentists use ViziLite for quick and easy oral screening.

Oral Cancer is Life-Threatening

A majority of oral pathologies can be treated easily during any stage of the disease. However, oral cancer is life-threatening and it’s extremely difficult to treat at later stages.

Although your dentist will look for obvious abnormalities in your mouth during a routine dental checkup, it’s important to undergo a comprehensive dental exam if anything alarming is seen. Screening is an easy and simple way to detect and diagnose abnormalities in your mouth. It’s painless and doesn’t take long. Discovering an early stage cancer can make it easier for you and your doctor to cure it.

It’s important that you pay close attention to any abnormalities you notice in your mouth during a routine dental checkup. If you see any of these signs, be sure to schedule a screening session at the earliest with your 7 Day Dental office.

  • Lumps or thickness anywhere in your mouth including jaws, cheeks, and tongue
  • Red or white patches
  • Pain or constant bleeding that won’t go away
  • Difficulty in biting or chewing

If these signs don’t go away with or without medication for two weeks, it could be a sign of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your dentist will look for the texture and color of mucosa during a routine dental exam. Mucosa is a layer of the soft tissue in your mouth. This special skin has a unique texture and color. Any change in this layer would indicate the beginning of a pathologic process.

Dentists at 7 Day Dental recommend ViziLite Plus to be given annually to all dental patients. It allows for quick and easy oral cancer screening procedure, performed by your dental hygienist at 7 Day Dental office. If you have a history of oral cancer, we recommend you receive semi-annual ViziLite Plus screening exam.

Once your dentist has noticed a change in tissue, he/she will initiate the following routine procedure.

  • Your dentist will take a biopsy of the affected area
  • The biopsy will be sent to a lab for analysis
  • Your dentist will decide on the best course of treatment after receiving results from the lab

What are Possible Treatments for Oral Pathologies?

Pathological changes in tissue in the mouth could mean any of the common pathological problems and cancer is one of them. However, these changes are rarely life-threatening and they only result in disfiguring of your oral tissue. But if it’s oral cancer, an early diagnosis could increase the chances of survival up to 80%.

For less serious problems, your dentist may choose to give you antibiotics or diluted hydrogen peroxide. Since the majority of oral abnormalities are a result of poor oral hygiene or simple pathologies, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics can combat 90% situations.

If you have cysts or other non-cancerous growths in your mouth that are causing discomfort or obstructing with regular mouth functions, your dentist may decide to perform a surgery to completely remove them. Removing these cysts could improve speech and improve breathing and chewing.

What is the Best Screening Procedure to Detect Oral Cancer in the Early Stages?

At 7 Day Dental, we use ViziLite Plus for oral cancer screening. This instrument has a special kind of a light that can be used along with ViziLite Plus special blue dye. This light and the die is absolutely painless and harmless for the patient.

ViziLite Plus is a convenient and easy oral cancer screening procedure that allows your dentist to find oral cancer at an early stage. Remember, when detected early, chances of survival from any type of cancer increase greatly.

What types of Oral Pathologies does ViziLite Plus Detect in Addition to Oral Cancer?

In addition to cancer, ViziLite screening allows your dentist to diagnose any of the common oral pathologies.

  • Benign Migratory Glossitis or Erythema Migrans (painless condition)
  • Hairy tongue
  • Other common oral pathologies

At 7 Day Dental, we are happy to answer your question. Feel free to call us or visit 7 Day Dental office for a comprehensive discussion on oral cancer and other oral pathologies with an experienced dentist.

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