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A Laguna Woods Orthodontist Overview

Laguna Woods Orthodontist Orange County
Looking for an excellent Laguna Woods orthodontist? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We provide dental care that you can trust for a variety of age groups. Malocclusions are the enemy and we wage the war that results in you having a beautiful smile. Here’s how: We supply the...

Laguna Woods Cosmetic Dentist Pre-Op Tips

Laguna Woods Cosmetic Dentist
The Laguna Woods cosmetic dentist professionals we have on staff here at 7 Day Dental tell each patient cosmetic surgery goes a little easier if you do the right kind of prep work. Understanding what’s going to be done before any procedure helps to lessen any anxiety you might be...

Anaheim Dental Implants and that American Smile

Anaheim Dental Implants
Many Americans who have received Anaheim dental implants are concerned about their smiles. It seems that people in this country place a special focus on their appearance. Many people have tried to figure out why and it’s our turn to throw our hat into that ring. Here’s a few...

Important Anaheim Orthodontist Questions Answered

Anaheim Orthodontist
Almost every day our Anaheim orthodontist team gets asked why people are seeing so many adults with braces. The answer is quite simple. Modern technology has made it easy for older folks to get their teeth straightened. In fact, research tells us that upwards of 40% of recent...

Anaheim Pediatric Dentist Tips for Little Ones

Anaheim Pediatric Dentist Orange County
It’s critical that parents understand what Anaheim Pediatric Dentist services can do for them. We know how important it is to work with parents so that we can pinpoint a good oral hygiene routine for their children. Here’s a good idea to start the process. Dentists recommend...

What to Look for in a Ladera Ranch Dentist

Ladera Ranch Dentist
Finding a dentist doesn’t have to be a daunting process.  In fact, we’re so sure you’ll like our Ladera Ranch dentist facility, we’ve put together a list of what to look for.   Flexible Sure, dentists are professionals but you don’t want to have to go to several different...

Our Ladera Ranch Cosmetic Dentist Talks About Five Foods that Stain

Ladera Ranch Cosmetic Dentist
Patients who talk to our Ladera Ranch cosmetic dentist are told how important it is to have a good oral hygiene routine. That’s the way to keep a beautiful smile after a cosmetic dentistry procedure. However, there is some other good advice for people who have cosmetic procedures...

A Few Words on Ladera Ranch Dental Implants

Ladera Ranch Dental Implants
One of the best ways that we’ve heard Ladera Ranch dental implants described is your third set of teeth. Professionals in the industry like us know that the last 20 years has been the most important in the development of these cosmetic procedures. Dental implants aren’t a...

Laguna Woods Root Canal Facts

Dental Tooth Root Canal
You need to get all the facts before you have a dental procedure like Laguna Woods root canal. This is the procedure we recommend for an abscess or damaged tooth. A root canal is a much better alternative to an extraction and that’s why we have experts who understand this...

Laguna Woods Dental Implants and Gingivitis

Laguna Woods dental implants
It’s important to us after you get Laguna Woods dental implants that you understand how to properly maintain your new set of teeth. Dental implants act and look just like the real thing. That means you need to brush and floss just like before and look after your gums too. That...