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Great Ideas From Our Laguna Hills Children’s Dentistry Office On Brushing With Braces

There are quite a few considerations people with braces need to take into account to keep their oral hygiene at a high level. One of the top priorities many people have is brushing. Both children and adults with braces want to understand the best practices while they are wearing these teeth straightening devices.


Choosing the right toothbrush

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Some people are surprised to find out that they might need to make a change in the toothbrush they use. It’s important to find one that will do several things at once. According to our Laguna Hills Children’s Dentistry office, a good toothbrush should be soft on the gums. At the same time it should be able to clean around the metal brackets.

Look for a toothbrush that will clean your mouth and tongue at the same time. We are always available to help you find the right product.


Brush three times a day

People with braces need to brush their teeth a little more than folks who aren’t wearing them. In fact we recommend here at 7 Day Dental that you brush at least three if not four times a day. Keep in mind a toothbrush wears out more quickly when you have braces. That’s why we also recommend that you replace one every three months.

Remember that there are some other things you’ll need to do to keep braces clean. The right mouthwash and specialized dental floss applicator are other useful tools. It’s important that you reboot your oral hygiene routine when you are wearing braces and make the necessary adjustments.


Brushing around those brackets

As we stated before, there is a definite technique to brushing with braces. It involves cleaning one or two teeth at a time for 10 circles in each area. Brushing with braces takes a little more effort and you’ll need to use a back-and-forth motion on the biting surfaces.

Generally, our Laguna Hills Children’s Dentistry office suggests brushing with braces takes 2 to 4 minutes. You’ll need to take some extra time to clean the braces under your lip and make sure all food particles and plaque are removed.

7 Day Dental is always available to answer any of your questions about good oral hygiene. Each and every one of our clients is like a member of our immediate family.

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