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Below are the names and biographies of our dental specialists on staff at our 7 Day Dental office in Ladera Ranch, CA. Every specialist has earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and then continued their training to qualify as specialists. Some of our dentists have more than one area of specialty, and many speak two or more languages. They are among the most skilled and experienced dentists and specialists in Orange County.

Ladera Ranch Dental Specialists Services

At the Ladera Ranch office, we have a board certified specialist in Endodontics. Many of our dentists and specialists also have special training in Cosmetic DentistryGeriatric DentistryPeriodonticsPedodontics (Children’s Dentistry), Prosthodontics, and Sleep Apnea Treatment. You can read more about these specialties on our website by using the menus under “Services” and “Knowledge Base.” We describe a few of these specialties below.

Ladera Ranch Endodontics Services

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of the dental pulp and the surrounding tissues of the tooth. The most well-known endodontic procedure is root canal treatment. Other common procedures include apicoectomy and hemisection. All endodontic treatments aim to eliminate the need for tooth extraction, while at the same time diminishing pain and swelling. Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth using biocompatible substitutes. Common prosthodontic procedures include placement of implants, crowns, and dentures.

Ladera Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists

Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses procedures that improve the appearance of patients’ teeth. This includes treating teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers and reshaping and contouring. These improvements are not always just cosmetic – some of them also improve oral function, particularly that of chewing.

7 Day Dental accepts the same wide range of dental insurance plans for our specialist services as for those of general dentists. These include both preferred physician (PPO) and managed care (HMO) plans. For those without insurance, we have payment plans available through services such as Carecredit, H3 Financial, and Citi Health Card. Utilizing these financial tools, we make it possible for everyone to receive professional dental care, regardless of their financial means.

Understanding that our patients have busy lifestyles and work schedules, we offer convenient hours and all dental specialties under one roof. In addition to minimizing waiting times, we have made our waiting areas as relaxing as possible, providing comfortable furnishings and amenities that include educational dental videos, current movies, and internet access.

7 Day Dental specialists, like all of our staff, consider our patients’ oral health to be their top priority. Because of their years of experience, glowing patient reviews, and professional reputations, our specialists often get referrals from dentists throughout Orange County. They treat you, their patient, with the same care as a member of their own family. Our specialists will give you thorough, clear explanations and answer all your questions.

You can schedule an appointment with any one of our Euclid St office dentists today by calling 866-989-1335 or making your appointment online using the link below.

Our Specialists at Ladera Ranch

Siamak Abai, DDS