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Laguna Hills Emergency Dentist Ideas For Staying Safe

Although they tend to happen quite often, it’s still the fact that emergency dental mishaps can be prevented. In fact, our Laguna Hills emergency dentist office has put together some ideas on staying safe.


In the schoolyard 

Children will be children and they love to roughhouse. However, statistics tell us that some of the dental injuries they suffer are the result of pushing and shoving. It’s a good idea to remind your kids that they need to wait their turn and be considerate with each other. We would much rather spend our time teaching them good oral hygiene rather than repairing their cracked teeth!


Laguna Hills Emergency Dentist Orange County

At home

As you can imagine, there are number of places where a child can hurt themselves at home and cause a dental mishap. The stairs are one of the biggest offenders in your house. Our Laguna Hills emergency dentist services see the results every day. That’s why we encourage you to tell your children not to hurry on the stairs and always use the handrail.


On bikes and in the playground

Unfortunately, children tend to get hurt where they are enjoying themselves. Mom and Dad can come in here and help their little ones review the safety rules for the playground and on their bikes.

Here’s another helpful hint that can prevent you from having to make an unexpected trip to our Laguna Hills emergency dentist. It’s a good idea to find out if the playground equipment in your neighborhood is age-appropriate. It should also be in good repair. If work needs to be done in either area, you should contact your municipality right away.


Biting into the wrong things

Very young children will put almost anything in their mouth by way of experimentation. It’s important that you teach them and make a list of the things that can chip or damage their teeth. It’s a good idea to get your children to add to the list as they think of items.



Children love to run when they are excited. It’s important to remind them to walk especially indoors. Our Laguna Hills emergency dentist also suggests you make it a habit to clean up their toys and spills immediately.

7 Day Dental is proud to look after every member of your family. We have an expert for every part of your oral hygiene development. If you’re looking for the right form to get the process started, we have those on our website.

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