Invisalign – Smile Makeovers Without Braces

Beautify Your Smile Without Braces!

A beautiful and natural smile will not only lift your confidence but it will also change other’s perception of you. However, if for some reason your smile isn’t perfect, a smile makeover may help.

At 7 Day Dental, we can perform various procedures to correct your smile. Whether it’s a crooked teeth or unaligned molars that are in the way of a perfect smile, our professional dentists will bring up various options for you.

How Apexification Helps with Root Canal Problems?

The major advantage of using this modern procedure is that the root will continue to develop, allowing for the pulp to recover and heal. Your dentist will cover the exposed pulp tissue with medicine that will speed up healing. It also encourages the growth of healthy tooth and helps close down the open end of the root (apex).

As a result of this procedure, root canal thickens and the affected teeth will become stronger as the child grows.

Your dentist may choose to use a true pulp capping in case the root development is incomplete. A dental surgeon will prepare your dentin overlying the exposed area and add medication (MTA mixture). The MTA is sealed to ensure it remains safe from infection. Your dentist will set your appointments at appropriate intervals to monitor the root development.

No More Braces – 7 Day Dental Brings You Invisalign

Dentists have been using braces for hundreds of years to fix problems with patients’ teeth for smile makeover. However, many teens hate the idea of braces because of their ugly-looking structure and obstructive nature.

Instead of brackets and wires, 7 Day Dental will apply Invisalign, a smile makeover without braces. Traditional braces take time to yield results. Invisalign system delivers results quickly without disrupting with the normal life of our patients. Invisalign system consists of a series of plastic retainer-like trays that you wear for short periods of time to gradually correct teeth alignment. The exact length of time wearing Invisalign application depends on what you are trying to fix, but usually won’t be as long as if you try to correct the same problem with braces.

Since the product was introduced in 2005, over 250,000 people have been successfully treated with Invisalign system. It uses a series of custom-made clear, removable aligners which press directly on your teeth to exert pressure and gradually move them into place.

Unlike traditional wire braces, you can remove your Invisalign application when you eat, drink, brush and floss and your teeth are less likely to trap food and act as a catch-all for dental plaque.


Is Invisalign Teen Treatment as effective as traditional braces?

Invisalign Teen Treatment is an effective treatment. When in the hands of a skilled practitioner and worn according to your dentist’s recommendation, Invisalign Teen can be as effective as traditional braces for many types of treatment.

What Is the difference between the Adult Invisalign appliance and the Invisalign Teen appliance?

Invisalign Teen and Adult applications are targeted at different age groups. Invisalign Teen offers free replacement aligners and compliance indicators.

How will I know how often my teen Is wearing their aligners?

Invisalign Teen aligners come with compliance indicators. These indicators keep track of approximate amount of time your teen spends wearing their aligners. The indicators will fade from blue to clear, indicating wear time.

What happens if my teen loses one of both of their aligners?

If this happens, inform your dentist at the earliest. Your dentist will suggest the next step. He/she may suggest your child to wear the previous set of aligners. Similarly, he/she may suggest to move to the next set of aligners. Your dentist will order a replacement set of aligners for your teen. Your teen will get the new aligners within a few days. Remember, you get up to six free replacement aligners at 7 Day Dental.

How much time will my teen spend at the Orthodontist’s Office?

Invisalign Teen requires very little manipulation or maintenance by the doctor in order to be effective, so your child will spend limited time visiting the office. Better yet, no “emergency” visits for broken or loose brackets and wires.

Will it be easy for my child to keep their teeth clean with Invisalign Teen?

Yes! Invisalign Teen allows your teen to remove the aligners for eating and brushing, so it is easier to maintain proper oral hygiene with Invisalign Teen than it is with traditional metal braces. Your teen can brush and floss normally, which can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

What are some other advantages of Invisalign Teen Treatment over traditional braces?

Wearing aligners makes an active lifestyle simpler. Since the device is removable, it’s easy for your teen to play sport or an instrument. Also, because the aligners are made of smooth plastic, there are no metal wires or brackets to irritate cheeks or gums.

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