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Some Ideas On Mouthwash From Your Laguna Hills Family Dentist

Here at 7 Day Dental we want to make sure you get an oral hygiene routine that works. That means our Laguna Hills family dentistry is dedicated to giving you all the latest information. That said, here are a few ideas on the pros and cons of mouthwash.

Laguna Hills Family Dentist

Might cut cavities   

There is strong evidence that rinsing with a fluoride rinse can reduce cavities. It’s a great reason for parents to make sure the mouthwash they have at home has this essential ingredient. If you’re not sure, come in and ask us. We’re always happy to help.

Prevents gum disease

Periodontal disease is all about bacteria forming on the gums and teeth. The gums and sockets can get infected if this situation isn’t looked after. An antibacterial mouthwash is a great way to fight gum disease before it starts

Soothe sores

 The same antibacterial mouthwash can help soothe any sores that you have in your mouth. Canker sores are particularly painful if left untreated. Of course if the situation persists over time, you’ll need to come in and see our Laguna Hills family dentistry specialists.

Help your pregnancy

Periodontal disease can affect your unborn child. That’s another reason why antibacterial mouthwash is a good bet for your medicine cabinet. Bacteria from an infection can get into a pregnant woman’s bloodstream and cause problems for her unborn fetus.

However, there are many different kinds of mouthwash. Some ingredients might not be as good for you in high doses as you might be led to believe. Therefore here’s a few ‘cons’ of mouthwash you can add to the list

Irritate mouth sores

There is some evidence that the high alcohol content in some mouthwash can irritate sores in your mouth. It’s best to check the alcohol content if you have anything like a canker sore.

Covers poor dental hygiene

While it’s true that mouthwash can cover bad breath temporarily, it might be masking a larger issue. If someone isn’t flossing, brushing and looking after their oral health, mouthwash is really doing that much good.

The final word from our Laguna Hills family dentistry practice is mouthwash shouldn’t be used as a substitute for flossing and brushing. If you’re unsure as to which situations you should use it in, come in and see us. We are only too happy to share the information you need with you.

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