Teeth Extractions

Teeth extractions are usually excellent procedures for teeth that can’t be saved. If your dentist thinks they can be saved, a root canal procedure will be picked instead of teeth extraction procedure. In most cases, extracting the problem tooth is the last option to prevent infections and further complications.

Who Performs Teeth Extraction Procedure?

Teeth extractions can be performed by your 7 Day Dental dentist when the tooth only needs to be pulled out using a scalpel. It’s when your teeth have already erupted out of their socket. Facial trauma and oral disease can lead to this situation.

When the tooth hasn’t erupted and requires a surgical procedure for extraction, the surgery will be performed by a qualified oral surgeon.

At 7 Day Dental office, an experienced and qualified oral surgeon will perform complex tooth extraction while your 7 Day Dental dentist will take care of regular simple teeth extractions.

Oral Extractions for Impacted Third Molars and Canines

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are usual victims of impact along with the upper canine. Wisdom teeth can be removed without disturbing the regular function of your mouth but canines are critical to the bite and other important oral functions. They also provide support to the other teeth so that they can align properly in an oral arch.

Unlike wisdom teeth, impacted or missing canines can change your appearance and affect the normal function of your mouth.

With early examination, you can prevent your teeth from further problems such as impacted canines. Your family dentist at 7 Day Dental will closely inspect your kids’ canines while they erupt. It will ensure that they can receive early treatment in case they have problems with the growth of canines.

In case your canines are impacted and your teeth are overcrowded, your dentist may recommend extraction of other teeth in your mouth to make space for canines. A special bracket or use of an orthodontic brace is also common following up a tooth extraction procedure.

Are there any General Teeth Extraction Post-operative Instructions to Follow?

The foremost important thing following a surgery is that you take proper rest. Go back to home and rest for the rest of the day.

rest for the rest of the day.

When you leave the 7 Day Dental office, you will have gauze in your mouth. You should bite on it steadily for a few hours following the procedure.

Avoid sucking liquids, spitting, or sneezing forcefully for 24 hours after the procedure. Allow the blood to for clot so that bleeding could stop at the surgical site.

Don’t smoke for two days after the surgery. The harmful chemicals in the cigarette smoke will affect the clot and cause serious problems.

If your dentist has prescribed any medication, be sure to take them according to the schedule. Patients are often given pain medications and antibiotics to relieve swelling and help with speedy recovery.

Are There any Complications after a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

After a surgery, patients may face the following possible complications.

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infections
  • Dry socket

Excessive bleeding is a common problem in dental procedures due to the location of the surgical area. Your doctor may prescribe medications to stop bleeding and help with speedy recovery.

Infections are also common among patients with poor oral hygiene. Since our mouth is a haven for bacteria, it’s possible for anyone to get infected during the recovery period. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections from spreading in your mouth.

The third most common post-operative complication in teeth extractions is dry socket where patients suffer from considerable pain. It often develops when the blood clot detaches from the socket, leaving bones exposed to food and bacteria.

Other complications are rare but possible. Some patients may develop the following complications.

  • Broken Jaw
  • Sinus perforation

How can I Replace the Extracted Tooth?

When it comes to replacing an extracted tooth or multiple teeth, you will have various options. Your dentist at 7 Day Dental office will help you make the right choice after considering different factors such as cost, impact area, and aesthetics.

For more about some of these choices, please see our web pages on:
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