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May 2013

Oral Cancer

By Blog, Oral Surgery Services

One person dies from pharyngeal and oral cancer every hour in the US. Usually, oral cancer develops due to squamous cell carcinoma. It usually occurs on the floor of the mouth and undersurface of the tongue. The leading causes of oral or mouth cancer are smoking, tobacco use, alcohol, HPV,…

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Knocked Out Teeth

By Blog, Oral Surgery Services

If you have a knocked out or avulsed tooth and you don’t know what to do with it, it could be extremely scary. It’s true that having knocked out teeth is one of the biggest dental emergencies related to permanent teeth.   How to save knocked out tooth In order…

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love your smile

Love Your Smile!

By Blog

A smile is one of the simplest and most contagious ways of demonstrating happiness to others. A smile can change a person’s day from awful to wonderful. Our smiles give others a first impression of who we are and our personality type. There is no reason why a smile should be…

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Denture Types

By Blog, Prosthodontic Services

7 Day Dental Denture Types There is a large variety of denture types and choices for denture wearers. The different options are listed below: Standard Dentures: Standard dentures are the general dentures made for patients already missing all of their teeth. As almost all dentures do, the top relies on…

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Elder Care Dentistry

By Blog, Geriatric Dentistry

7 Day Dental Elder Care Dentistry 7 Day Dental understands the challenges that may arise as a person ages and provides compassionate dental care, that takes into consideration, the unique needs of our elderly patients. A person with arthritis, for instance, may neglect daily oral care due to movement problems…

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