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January 2017

Ladera Ranch Endodontics Orange County

Proactive Ladera Ranch Endodontics Tips

By | Blog, Endodontic Services

We have a comprehensive Ladera Ranch endodontics service that includes all of the latest and most efficient technologies including tooth root amputation and of course root canal. At 7 Day Dental we also supply Ladera Ranch endodontic treatments for emergencies and other traumatic injuries that affect your teeth. We like…

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Laguna Woods Orthodontics Orange County

A Laguna Woods Orthodontics Primer

By | Blog, Orthodontic Services

Part of putting your best foot forward in any situation is having a beautiful smile that goes with your good attitude. It’s hard to enjoy your life and career in an unabashed way when you have crooked teeth and that’s why we have Laguna Woods Orthodontics services. Here’s a few…

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The Truth About Anaheim Endodontics

By | Blog, Endodontic Services

If you ask around or read about it on the Internet, you’ll see there’s lots of misinformation about root canal therapy. If you have a severe toothache, it’s probably true that you can use the services of our Anaheim endodontics professionals. If you have some misgivings about saving a tooth through…

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