5 Reasons You Need Mission Viejo Implant Dentistry

By October 20, 2017August 11th, 2018Blog, Implant Dentistry Services

Most people understand that having missing teeth can make you uncomfortable in social situations. The Mission Viejo Implant Dentistry personnel we have on staff at 7 Day Dental hear stories every day about feeling self-conscious over a missing tooth.

However, the reasons to have implant surgery go well beyond just looking good and having a great smile. Here’s five reasons you should consider having this done if you have missing teeth.


The other teeth can shift

If a tooth gets knocked out and you don’t replace it right away, the other teeth can shift towards the open pocket. If they start to shift towards an open space, you can lose more than one tooth to cavities and infection.


You can feel discomfort

Mission Viejo Implant DentistryHaving a missing tooth or several teeth can make you uncomfortable in a few different ways. You might feel self-conscious about smiling or joining in a conversation. What’s more, you could even have difficulty chewing.


Mission Viejo Implant Dentistry is simple 

This is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t involve other teeth. For bridges and some other kinds of dental work, adjacent teeth need to be ground down. The dental implant goes in by itself without affecting the teeth around it.


You can save your jawbone

If you have missing teeth and decide on dentures or a bridge, you can still lose some bone in your jaw. When there’s a missing pocket underneath that dental appliance, your bone mass can still be eroded. A dental implant solves that problem by acting like a natural tooth. It also serves like an anchor to keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

Dentures are not supportive like implants. They allow your jaw to deteriorate when you have missing teeth.


Implant dentistry is modern

Implant dentistry is innovative. Although it’s been around for decades, there have been advancements that make it state-of-the-art. For example, 3D CAD software can allow a dentist to show you what results will look like before they even begin the procedure.

Modern digital imaging equipment is another one of the benefits. Even the time it takes to place an implant has been drastically reduced because of these innovations. Computer technology has made all of the techniques used in implant dentistry more precise.


7 Day Dental prides itself on working with you to keep your smile bright. The Mission Viejo Implant Dentistry services we provide are friendly and thorough.