A Few Words Of Advice From Our Anaheim Kids Dentist

By October 1, 2018October 17th, 2018Pedodontic Services

We are continually surprised as your Anaheim kids dentist that many parents don’t understand how soon they should be bringing their children to see us. The American Dental Association stands side-by-side with our advice that you should be bringing your child in before they turn one.

Anaheim kids dentistIt’s a smart move for several different reasons. First and foremost, your child should be starting a lifelong routine of outstanding oral hygiene habits as early as possible. There are other excellent reasons including the fact that we can learn a lot about your child’s dental health well before they have a full set of teeth.

You may not think our Anaheim kids dentist advice is very sound. We understand how hard it might be to get a fussy little boy or girl to sit still while we look in their mouth, but the benefits are well worth it.

If you get your child into see us early enough, it can help lessen any anxiety they might have about dental visits. If you bring them in when they are young, the chances are they’ll be well-accustomed to our dental facility by the time they get older and need more serious work done.

7 Day Dental prides itself on having an excellent assortment of professional dentists on staff who deal with children. We understand that a big part of a successful pediatric practice has to do with the atmosphere and calming children’s nerves at the very start.

Once we get that first visit over with, will be able to establish a regular dental plan for your daughter or son. We have a few suggestions to make that first visit as comfortable as possible.

For example, we think your child should be put to bed as early as possible the night before so they arrive well rested for their first appointment with us.

Parents can do their part as well. We find it’s helpful for mom and dad to write down anything they observe as well as any questions they might want to ask. It’s a good idea to come prepared. In fact, mom and dad might not be the only people with questions. That’s why we also like to suggest that you bring in your child’s dental care tools so we can have a look and make any comments.

We are always happy to be the Anaheim kids dentist ready to answer all your questions.

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