A Laguna Woods Emergency Dentistry List of Bad Sports For Your Teeth

By December 8, 2020December 17th, 2020Blog, Emergency Dentistry

The Laguna Woods Emergency Dentistry team here at 7 Day Dental sees a  lot of sports accidents that cost people teeth.  Here’s a quick overview of the most dangerous sports for your teeth. Some of the activities on this list might surprise you. We have put them together in the least dangerous up to the most dangerous order.


Most people aren’t surprised to find out this sport made the list. However, they are a little shocked when they find out rugby is less dangerous than other sports like cycling or basketball. 

Most of the players involved in this popular activity understand that it’s a collision game. It’s one of the sports where those taking part wear mouth guards and other protective gear. There are many advantages to wearing protective mouth guards when you play a contact sport like this. Even an errant elbow could cost you a tooth otherwise. 


Even though this is considered one of the safest sports by many parents, it makes the list. One of the big reasons is players often use their head to hit the ball. Two players can cause dental injuries when they try this maneuver at the same time.

Laguna Woods Emergency Dentistry has some tips for you if you’re playing an active sport and loose a tooth. Try not to touch the root and keep the molar in a glass of warm milk until you can come in to see us. 


Some people are surprised to find out this sport makes the list. However basketball is considered one of the more dangerous activities because players can be elbowed as they jockey for position under the hoop. 

Mouth guards add an extra layer of protection. We suggest the customized variety because over-the-counter versions don’t always fit properly.


Not all of the sports on our list are the ones you might have thought of as dangerous for your teeth. However, if you stop and think about it for a minute, you realize players wear helmets and knee guards when they are skateboarding. There’s not many that have mouth guards to protect their teeth if they fall on hard concrete.


This is number one on our list as far as contact sports go. The hockey stick and puck can knock teeth out when you come into contact with them when you’re playing this game.

Get in touch with our Laguna Woods Emergency Dentistry team today to find out more about what to do during an emergency. Make sure to ask about proactive mouth guards.

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