A Pediatric Dentist in Anaheim Discusses Flouride vs.Sealants

A pediatric dentist in Anaheim is happy to discuss fluoride versus sealants to help protect your children’s teeth. Unfortunately, younger teeth are at a high risk of developing dental caries or cavities. Choosing dental sealants or fluoride has many benefits for your children’s teeth.

Dental Sealants

These are tooth-colored coatings that fill in the grooves on the chewing surfaces of people’s molars. The whole process is painless and straightforward and usually only takes one dental appointment. The coating is painted onto a dry, clean tooth surface and hardened with a special light.

  • A pediatric dentist in Anaheim recommends these when your children get their first permanent teeth.
  •  Dental sealants provide immediate protection and only need to be reapplied several years later. These sealants last up to 4 years and some as long as a decade.
  • One of the other big bonuses is that the American Dental Association recommends them.

They can reduce the risk of cavities by up to 80%. They are a protective shield that fits into your children’s molar grooves and are practically invisible.


Dental sealants protect your children’s teeth from bacteria and plaque. Fluoride treatments work to rebuild and strengthen the enamel. Your children can get some of this naturally occurring mineral from fluoridated foods and water. However, the treatment a pediatric dentist supplies supports healthy tooth enamel and helps to fight the bacteria and plaque that can harm their gums and teeth.

  • Fluoride treatments are one of the safest ways to prevent tooth decay in your children.
  • Your child is ready for their first fluoride treatment when they get their first tooth. Most children should get at least two to four treatments a year.
  • An ADA study reports that children given fluoride treatments and dental sealants are 73% less likely to get cavities.

7 Day Dental is committed to providing the best pediatric dentist in Anaheim treatments. Parents who understand the benefits of dental sealants and fluoride treatments in preventing cavities and protecting their children’s oral health should contact us for a consultation. Why not contact us today so we can set up a scheduled appointment and provide your child with a cavity-free, confident smile?

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