The ABC’s of Cavities from A Ladera Ranch Dentist

By May 8, 2018August 5th, 2018Blog, Preventative Care Services

It’s important to the Ladera Ranch dentist we have at 7 Day Dental, that everyone understands what’s going on inside their mouth. That’s why we’ve put together a brief overview of all the ingredients that go into cavities and tooth decay.



Ladera Ranch Dentist Orange CountyThis is the protective coating in your mouth that looks after both our teeth and gums. Not only does saliva moisten all the important parts of your mouth, it also helps to wash away food particles. There are even minerals present in saliva to help to build the bone in your teeth.

Saliva is good at eliminating some of the factors that can cause tooth decay. If you’re suffering from dry mouth for whatever reason, you should come and talk to us today.



if you ask any Ladera Ranch dentist, they will tell you that plaque is one of the enemies of a healthy mouth. Plaque is actually the type of film that can stick to your teeth. There are bits of food in plaque and even some bacteria.

Plaque starts to take hold when bacteria attaches itself to one of your teeth and multiplies. In just a few short hours plaque can cause the beginnings of cavities and even some kinds of gum disease.



When the minerals in plaque start to harden, they can become calculus which is much more difficult to remove.

Everything starts with bacteria and when you eat foods with a lot of sugar on them, the bacteria enjoys the same feast. These bacteria can actually start dissolving the outer layer of your tooth to cause cavities. Some of the foods that can cause bacteria in your mouth might surprise you since the list includes bananas and even crackers.


The Ladera Ranch Dentist Solution

One of the quick remedies to avoid cavities is having routine dental checkups. Not only will our professional staff make sure you understand how to avoid cavities, we can also treat any of the ones you already have.

Here at 7 Day Dental we’ve gone out of her way to make everything convenient and hassle free for you. That includes listing all the accepted dental insurances right on our website where you can find them easily.

We want to be your family dentist that helps you through every phase of your oral hygiene development. Getting in touch with one of our Ladera Ranch dentist experts is easy.