Anaheim Dental Implant Surgery: Dispelling The Myths

By March 10, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Implant Dentistry Services, Oral Surgery Services

There’s really no need to let your imagination get the better of you and conjure up horrible images when it comes to Anaheim dental implant surgery. A little knowledge always goes a long way and we’re happy here at 7 Day Dental to supply each and every one of our valued patients with the necessary information that will alleviate any anxiety they have about this procedure.

The best way to make sure that our clients are comfortable with this part of our services is to dispel some of the myths surrounding it.


  1. Anaheim Dental Implant SurgeryPeople worry that they’ll need to be on a variety of heavy medications after having this type of surgery but that’s not usually the case at all. Usually, a prescription for some kind of aspirin or ibuprofen is all that’s needed during the recovery process.
  2. The operation itself is invasive and will require several visits to have stitches removed and other procedures done. Once again, this isn’t the case generally and it’s certainly not true with our Anaheim dental implant surgery. In fact, modern innovation has been able to bring about big advances when it comes to this kind of surgery including self absorbing sutures that don’t need to be removed at all.
  3. Another myth holds that people don’t really have a need for dental implants and in fact this is just a cosmetic procedure for an elite group. Once again, nothing could be further from the truth because research indicates that up to 180 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. Not replacing one of these that has fallen out has possible dire consequences including allowing the space to be filled by other teeth drifting into it and a subsequent loss of bone mass. Anaheim dental implant surgery is convenient and only mildly uncomfortable. One of the first steps that should put your mind at ease is a consultation with our professionals here at 7 Day Dental. Please keep in mind that our group care philosophy incorporates consideration and respect for each and every one of our clients regardless of their age or economic means.


Our dentists and support staff are all dedicated to making each and every procedure you undergo with us a painless dental experience. On top of all the other advantages, our fees are very competitive and our atmosphere is welcoming and inviting to each and every member of your family.