All About Anaheim Dental Implants

One of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that we are very proud of is our Anaheim dental implants. There are several good reasons why this might be the right cosmetic dentistry procedure for you. Some people are missing teeth and they feel self-conscious. Others who wear dentures feel they can find a more comfortable option.

Dental implants are a good alternative when your dentist suggests a bridge where you might have to have otherwise good teeth removed.


Healthy Gums

Anaheim Dental Implants Orange CountyIf you have healthy gums, dental implants might be the right procedure for you. Generally, there are three phases to this procedure that are carefully carried out by our professional dental team.

The very first step is placing the implant into the jaw. If your bone has deteriorated, you might need a bone grafting operation to build it up before we can put one of these titanium screws in. Keep in mind there is usually a healing process after one of our Anaheim dental implants has been installed.


Eat Soft Foods

That means it’s a good idea to eat soft foods and stay away from anything too hot or cold while your dental implant graphs to the bone. Osseointegration is that part of the process where the bone grows around the implant to make it part of your natural tooth structure.

Depending on a few variables, you might be able to get the final part of your implant done all at once. Other patients require several months for the bone to graft properly to the implant. Last but not least you get the artificial tooth that everyone will see.


Specially Designed

The Anaheim dental implants that we craft are all specially designed to look and act just like one of your natural teeth.

Here at 7 Day Dental, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed through the whole process. That’s why we encourage each and every one of our clients to come in and ask any questions they had before the actual procedure.

If you suffer from any kind of dental anxiety, understanding what the procedures are all about will help to alleviate this issue.

We go out of our way to make sure each one of our patients has the information they need. For example, you’ll find all the forms that you need to get started conveniently located on our website.

If you’re thinking about getting Anaheim Dental Implants, why not come and ask one of our dentists about the whole process?