Anaheim Dentist Restores Smile of Unemployed Man

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Anaheim Dentist Restores Smile

Anaheim, CA — (SBWIRE) –Recently Dr. Chuck Le of 7 Day Dental started treating a special patient who needed a helping hand. Chris has been unemployed for a long time and was staying in a shelter run by a nonprofit that offers some social services. Chris has a history of substance abuse and depression, so, it’s not surprising that his oral health has been poor. He knew he needed to fix his teeth to get a job, but he could not afford the dental work. He wrote to 20 dentists asking for help. Dr. Le was the only one who responded.

Dr. Le invites Chris to his clinic

Dr. Le called Chris and invited him to come into 7 Day Dental. Chris had many teeth missing and needed a lot of work that he could not afford. However, it turned out that he had Medi-Cal that would pay part of the cost of his treatment. Dr. Le decided to do the cosmetic reconstruction that Chris needed and any of the normal fees not covered by MediCal would be waived.

Dr. Le thought that Chris was trying hard to improve his circumstances and simply needed a helping hand from someone who cared. Dr. Le felt blessed to have the skill to offer this kind of service to Chris.

Chris decides to make a video testimonial

Before Dr. Le restores smile for Chris, Chris was so excited on the day of his first treatment that he made a video testimonial praising Dr. Le and the staff at 7 Day Dental. He said he looks forward to being able to help others with a feeling of confidence. He also looks forward to spending time with his daughter and her friends without feeling ashamed of his teeth.

Dr. Le has always been interested in giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate. In recent years he worked with the Orange County Vietnamese American Lions Club and others to offer “Dentist Pulling from the Heart.”

Dr. Le and other staff from 7 Day Dental offered free tooth extractions and fillings to 300 people in a single day.

Substance abuse and dental health

Substance abuse can create various problems for your oral health. People who abuse substance face commonly face tooth decay, gum diseases, cracked teeth and other common dental problems.

People involved in substance abuse find it extremely difficult to maintain oral hygiene. They may ignore regular brushing, especially before sleeping. Moreover, they may try to self-medicate and therefore fail to see a dentist when a problem is in early stages.

When people take drugs, they are usually more prone to drinking a lot of sugary drinks. These drinks can cause many problems for your teeth, including tooth decay and gum disease. They often consume a lot of snacks and sugar-rich beverages while drinking alcohol or involved with another drug. This can lead to major dental hygiene problems.

Frequent alcohol intake can easily de-mineralize tooth enamel and therefore cause tooth decay. Stimulants like cocaine and ecstasy cause even serious problems, making individuals grind their teeth, often leading to cracked teeth and frequent headaches. People smoking marijuana often suffer from meth mouth, which slows saliva production in the mouth and therefore encourages bacteria growth.

If you have had a drug problem and you want to improve your life now, starting with dental hygiene, visit 7 Day Dental or call to talk to an expert dentist.

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