Why Our Anaheim Orthodontics Services Are Inclusive

By January 19, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Orthodontic Services

The Anaheim Orthodontics that we supply here at 7 Day Dental are geared toward affordable efficient techniques that brighten your smile and don’t put a big dent in your pocket book.

We pride ourselves on accepting all of the major insurance carriers and having an easy to use online appointment template that’s geared to your convenience and comfort. When it comes to one of the most important aspects of our orthodontics in Anaheim practice, we are happy to report that inclusiveness means older adults are comfortable getting braces too.


Adult surge

Anaheim Orthodontics Orange CountyIf you’re looking for one of the biggest reasons for this surge in adults looking to have their teeth straightened, we like to give ourselves a collective pat on the back in the dental profession if you don’t mind. It seems that over the years of constant improvements, dental health has allowed teeth to stay stronger longer so everyone including older adults wants to make sure they look great in their golden years.

If you missed the chance to get braces when you were a teenager and have decided they are a good idea in your 50s,60s, or even 70’s, here’s a few things that you should know on the road to a better straighter smile.

  • While most people know that braces can straighten your teeth, there are several other things they can do very well. If you’re looking to line up your jaws so that you have a better bite, our clear synthetic sapphire brackets are designed as an alternative to the more common metal variety.
  • If you’ve had teeth that need to be spaced out for years, self-litigating braces are the latest innovation in our arsenal of top-notch technology designed to increase your self-confidence.
  • Closing gaps in your smile can be accomplished by any one of the braces we offer at our Anaheim orthodontics office, but Invisalign is often considered one of the top choices by older adults looking to improve the way their teeth line up and look.


It’s important that you understand you need to make time for checkups so that any orthodontics work we do functions properly and effectively. Older adults are often busy with a variety of other things, but we will need to fill you in on a assortment of specifics like the food you’ll need to avoid and how you’ll need to adjust your brushing and flossing schedule.