Anaheim Tooth Extraction, Smoking and Your Mouth

By October 4, 2019October 10th, 2019Emergency Dentistry, Oral Surgery Services

7 Day Dental makes getting an Anaheim tooth extraction a comfortable experience. Our offices are friendly and inviting. Our dental team is experienced and compassionate. The front line staff in our Anaheim offices are always ready to help when you’re getting a tooth pulled.

Helping you to stay ahead of the things that can cost your teeth is part of what we do. It’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid an Anaheim tooth extraction where ever possible. That’s why you shouldn’t smoke. 

Here’s just a few of the reasons why: 

  • Anaheim Tooth Extraction Garden GroveOn the low end of the consequence scale is simple bad breath. You get that from smoking and it makes a problem in both social and business settings. Even if you floss and brush on a regular basis, smoking can give you halitosis. 
  •  Yellow teeth. Nicotine can actually get into the little crevices in your enamel. When that happens, your teeth get discolored and your enamel weakens. Another good reason to quit smoking before you need to visit us for an Anaheim tooth extraction.
  • Bone loss. Now were getting down to the more serious consequences. The more you smoke, the more your jaw weakens. Losing bone density means losing the anchor for your healthy teeth. It’s another way that using tobacco can ruin your smile.
  • You’re in a higher risk category for developing oral cancer. Most people know there’s a direct link between using tobacco and lung cancer. You also put yourself at risk for this type of disease with chewing tobacco.

There are other situations where we might need to extract the tooth. For example, we’ve seen many athletes come into our offices with a chipped or cracked molar. Even though we do our best, it’s not always possible to save that kind of damaged tooth.

There are many benefits to using our dental services. For example, you can book an appointment online. Not only that, we list all the insurances that we accept right on our website. It’s important to be transparent because we want your smile to shine!

Convenience as a Cornerstone 

 Convenience is one of the cornerstones of our dental practice. You’ll be able to get all the patient forms that you need right on our website.

It’s important to remember that cigarettes aren’t the only type of tobacco you need to avoid. Pipes and cigars are just as bad for your oral health. There are even some cases where people who smoke pipes are more susceptible to throat cancer.

Increased Risk of Throat Cancer 

Don’t think you can skip the risk with smokeless tobacco products either. They increase the danger of esophagus, throat and mouth cancer. Some scientific studies point to the fact chewing tobacco is even worse than smoking.

 You want to keep your smile for a lifetime. We can help you to avoid unnecessary Anaheim tooth extraction scenarios. If you need to have a tooth out for medical or other reasons, our services stand above other facilities.

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