Andrew Loomis, DDS

Dr. Andrew Loomis, DDSDr. Andrew Loomis, DDS started his general dentistry practice in 1970 after he graduated from Northwestern University Dental School. He attended San Jose State College for his undergraduate education.

Currently, Dr. Loomis works at Euclid, Lincoln, and Ladera Ranch 7 Day Dental offices.

With nearly 38 years of experience in general dentistry, Dr. Andrew Loomis, DDS is committed to provide exceptional care to his patients while helping them choose the right treatment for their dental problems. Dr. Loomis is a proud member of American Dental Association (ADA) and California Dental Association (CDA).

Dr. Andrew Loomis is dedicated to providing free healthcare for underserved. He joined The Flying Samaritans and did some missions with the non-profit organization in Baja, California, Mexico. Dr. Loomis also spent two years with Swiss Publish Health during his 2 years of internship.

Dr. Loomis likes to play golf and tennis. He enjoys fly fishing and gardening. When Dr. Loomis wants to take a break from everyday routine, he likes to go away surfing or skiing.

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