Afraid of the Dentist?

By April 29, 2013Blog

Many of us have feared the dentist for a long time and hesitate to attend appointments.  Many of our fears come from memories we had in our childhood.  We hold on to those bad moments for years and let them take over, causing us extreme fear.

Most dentists however are quite nice.  They go into this profession to help patients see that their only intent is to help them.  They want to teach their patients to care for their teeth and not only visit the dentist when their pain has become unbearable.

We, at 7 Day Dental, try to be as gentle as possible so that you will not be afraid of the dentist.

afraid of the dentist

Overcome your fear by educating yourself

In order to overcome your fear of the dentist, you need to know the reasons that make you afraid. For most people, it’s either their experience from the past or the wrong information that they received about sedatives and dental procedures.

Don’t stop going to a dentist

The problem is that we stop going to the dentist because we fear the pain of a shot and the pain associated with dental treatment.

We fear that the pain will come back to haunt us while we are sitting at the dental office.  In reality, the pain we endure with a simple shot is very minimal compared to the pain endured after years or months of neglecting to see a doctor and do necessary dental treatments.

Don’t be afraid of pain relieving drugs

A number of people who refuse to go to a dentist do so because they are afraid of anesthetic drugs. From their past experiences, they know that it could make them extremely nervous as their heart starts racing from raised level of adrenaline.

The truth is that adrenaline is present in anesthetics and it can sometimes enter your blood stream directly if the injection needle pricks a blood vessel.

However, it’s important to educate yourself why your heart starts racing when you are in a dental procedure. The real reason behind that is you.

Your body makes a lot more adrenaline than what your blood can absorb from an anesthetic. It’s the adrenaline that your body makes as a result of anxiety, that makes your heart run fast, and not the adrenaline from an anesthetic.

Insist on new technology and painless procedures such as sleep dentistry

Even when your doctor has recommended a procedure for your teeth, it’s nothing to be afraid of. With new sedatives and anesthetic drugs, it’s possible to walk out of a dental surgery without any memories of the procedure.

If your anxiety levels are high, your doctor could recommend new options for getting dental treatment.  Patients can now get treatment while they sleep and have virtually no pain.  They can get fully sedated and their entire dental treatment can be done in one visit. If sedation is something the patient does not desire, he or she can also get nitrous, previously known as laughing gas, which will relax the patient and ease any tensions.  Nitrous is a gas that is inhaled, causes the patient to feel relaxed, and makes the dental visit more pleasurable.

At 7 Day Dental, we offer many options to ease a patient’s pain and nervousness and therefore dental visits can now be enjoyable rather than traumatizing.

Do Not be afraid of the dentist!

Dr. Chuck Le
7 Day DentalOwner


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