Beautiful and Healthy Teeth

We all strive to have beautiful smiles, but a beautiful smile does not only occur by appearances.  A beautiful smile is one in which the gums and teeth are healthy and well maintained.

What can your dentist do to help you smile with confidence?

Beautiful and healthy teeth orange county

Straight white teeth do not mean that you have beautiful and healthy teeth or that they are well taken care of.  For a perfect smile, your dentist will choose an approach based on your individual case. Some of the options are below.

  • Overlapping teeth can be changed to appear straight by placing braces on the patient.
  • Discolored or yellow teeth can be bleached professionally to appear brighter and whiter.
  • Fillings, crowns, or veneers can be placed over the tooth to provide a more appealing appearance and stronger tooth structure.
  • Missing teeth can easily be replaced with partials, bridges, dentures, or implants.

A smile can be improved significantly regardless of its current status.  After having all major dental work done, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to maintain the health and appearance of the teeth.

Reasons behind unhealthy teeth

There are several reasons why teeth become unhealthy, and many revolve around factors that can be changed by one’s health maintenance habits.

Excessive sugar consumption

Many consume excessive amounts of sugar on a daily basis and do not realize the exponential damage they create.  Excessive sugar acts like a catalyst speeding up the rate of plaque formation which creates decay to occur.

Lack of proper dental care

Another reason that cavities occur is that the proper dental care is not being performed at home.  It is crucial to have great oral hygiene habits because this will cause sticky build-up, known as plaque, to be removed upon being cleaned.

Excessive amounts of plaque build and lead to periodontal disease which occurs in the gums and can cause teeth to become mobile or fall out entirely.

Brushing and flossing daily as well as getting professional teeth cleanings helps improve these circumstances significantly.

Bruxing or clenching

Bruxing (clenching or grinding of the teeth) is yet another major problem that leads to unhealthy or de-shaped teeth. Everyone does it whether they are not conscious of it or not.

This action occurs when a person is stressed or is entirely focused on a task.  Its damages can destroy any tooth even if it has had dental work.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth can occur for different reasons such as:

  • Old age
  • Prescription drugs
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Drug abuse

Cold medicine, for example, contains antihistamines which create the dry mouth.  Patients with dry mouth tend to always have some type of hard candy with them to alleviate their condition but this in return creates decay.

Chronic dry mouth patients will suck on a piece of candy for hours to keep their saliva flowing, but this causes serious decay and a more rapid formation of cavities.


The other major cause for unhealthy and unattractive teeth is abrasions.  Abrasions occur with the grinding of the teeth or by the chemicals in toothpaste.

The combination of toothpaste abuse and course brushing causes the enamel to be worn out causing erosion and dissolution of the tooth structure.

All mouths are different and have their checklist of work that must be done to achieve the healthiest and most beautiful smile. 7 Day Dental provides the best oral care for you and your family.

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