The Best Orange County Dental Hygienists and Flossing

By February 23, 2018August 5th, 2018Blog, Preventative Care Services

We’re proud to say that we have the best Orange County dental hygienists. One of the things that makes them industry leaders is the fact that they are caring and compassionate. They want you to have a beautiful smile that lasts an entire lifetime.

When we asked these hygienists to put together some tips for flossing, they were only too happy to help.


  • Best Orange County Dental HygienistsFirst off, it’s important to stress why flossing needs to be a critical part of any oral hygiene routine. If you neglect to floss on a regular basis, plaque and tartar build up between your teeth. Not only can that mean cavities but gum disease too.
  • Choosing the right kind of dental floss is a big part of everything that you need to know. First off, it’s important to understand there’s a lot to choose from. Whether you favor waxed or unwaxed, or any one variety of different flavors, the choice is largely personal. It’s important to remember to get dental floss that’s approved by the American Dental Association.


Here’s a few different tips that will help you keep your smile bright with flossing. We understand there are lots of people who forget this important part of dental hygiene. That’s why it is a good idea to place your dental floss right beside your toothbrush. That way, it’ll always be front and center when you go to brush twice a day.

Here’s another great tip—it doesn’t really matter what time of day you floss at. However, many dental hygienists recommend that you make sure to do it just as often as you brush.


Good Flossing

Technique matters when it comes to good flossing. Our experts recommend a push/ pull motion works best and that you go up and down in the spaces between your teeth. The best Orange County dental hygienists also have a few words to share about brushing because it works hand-in-hand with good flossing.

It’s critical that you remember to brush the inside of each tooth as well. A back and forth technique works the best here and you don’t want to forget to brush the chewing surface or top of each and every tooth as well.

Even though the tool is called a toothbrush, it’s a good idea to make sure that you brush your tongue too. A lot of bacteria can build up in that area and cause dental problems down the road if you don’t.

If you have any questions, the best Orange County dental hygienists are always happy to answer them for you.