Our Buena Park Periodontal Services Cover Gum Disease in Children

Our Buena Park periodontal services want you to have all the information about gum disease you need. That includes dispelling a few myths. One of the biggest ones is that children don’t suffer from any kind of problem.

We want you to know the symptoms you will need to look for as concerned parents.

Severe Toothache

One of the first is one of the more obvious symptoms. A severe toothache can be a signal that your child has the beginning stages of gum disease. It’s critical to understand that even if the pain stops, the infection might not be cured. Even if your child stops complaining, the infection can spread and cause further problems.

Pain When Chewing

Buena Park Periodontal Services Orange CountyIf your child notices pain when chewing during meal times, they might have the beginning of gingivitis. This is also the case when your child complains of sensitivity to hot or cold foods.


Our Buena Park periodontal services can help if your child is suffering from a fever caused by a gum infection. Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea can be other symptoms of gingivitis in its early stages.

Finding gum disease issues before they become a larger problem is important to us here at 7 Day Dental. We understand that children are fond of foods that might not always be good for them and their teeth and gums. Parents should always monitor the situation when your child is enjoying candy and other sweets.

However, our dental specialists can help you to identify the early stages of infection before it spreads.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is another signal that your child may be suffering from the early stages of gingivitis. If they are suffering from a sore tooth and bad breath, the chances go up they might have an infection.

Of course bad breath is a common problem occasionally. However, if it persists you’ll want to have one of our dental specialists rule out any kind of issue.

Swollen Red Gums

One of the bigger indicators of gum disease is swollen red gums. Your child’s gums should be pink with an even tone. If you take a look and find red spots above one or more of their teeth, it could be the early signs of an infection spreading.

If you see any of these red flags, you should make a point in visiting our Buena Park periodontal services.