Child’s First Dental Visit

When Should Your Child’s First Dental Visit Be?

When you child’s first tooth appears, it’s the time for the first dental visit. For a better reminder, experts tag it as ‘first visit by the first birthday’. This is in line with the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

What to expect on your child’s first dental visit

We recognise that a child’s first dental visit is a crucial one. It sets the tone for the future visits and establishes a relationship between your child and the pediatric dentist. More importantly, it’s the first impression that your child makes of a dental visit. If it’s comfortable and pleasant, your child will be eager for future visits.

When you bring your child for his or her visit dental visit at 7 Day Dental, our staff will take care of your child. They will take the time to get to know your child and help him feel comfortable during the stay at the clinic.

At 7 Day Dental, we believe that the first visit is the most important one. We make sure that your child loves his pediatric dentist and wants to come back for the next visit. Our staff and dentists are specially trained to make your child’s dental visit enjoyable.

On the first visit, you should expect the following.

  • Our staff will collect patient information about your child.
  • We will look into the medical and dental history of your child if any.
  • Our specially trained pediatric dentists will examine your child’s oral health.
  • You will learn about oral hygiene of your child after the examination.
  • Our dental staff will help you with tips about the oral health of your children.

When you walk out of 7 Day Dental clinic after your child’s first dental visit, you will understand your kids’ oral health. Moreover, you will know what you need to do to improve their oral hygiene in the future.

Tips for preparing your child for first dental visit

Our years of experience in this field have shown us that you can help us make your child’s first dental checkup a pleasant experience. One of the many things you can do is to prepare your child for the experience by creating a picture of an enjoyable dental visit.

If they have questions, provide answers in a manner they would understand. Most importantly, refrain from using terms or words that could incite or aggravate their anxiety. Let them come to 7 Day Dental without any prior fear or anxiety about the oral procedures.

Together, we can make your child’s first visit a great experience. We can help him/her learn to love going to the dentist. So, schedule your child’s first dental visit with 7 Day Dental and put your child on track to better oral hygiene.

Why bring your child to 7 Day Dental for first dental visit

When it’s time to take your child to first dental visit, it’s important that you choose a pediatric dentist you trust. At 7 Day Dental, we have the best pediatric dentists in the region. They are specially trained to treat children. They have years of experience in many dental visits enjoyable and fun for children.

Conveniently located

7 Day Dental office has a perfect location. It won’t be difficult to drive to your dental clinic from any location within the area.

Flexible appointments

We at 7 Day Dental want to make it easy for you to improve your oral hygiene. For that reason, we have a very flexible appointment schedule. You can call us and book an appointment. Our specially trained admin staff will guide you with the best available slots. If you have a dental emergency, 7 Day Dental is equipped to handle it.

Experienced and friendly pediatric dentists and staff

Our dental staff and pediatric dentists are friendly and experienced in dealing with children. When you visit 7 Day Dental, you can forget about anxious visits. Our staff will calm down your children and help them enjoy their time at the clinic.

Advanced painless techniques

We make use of the latest techniques to turn your dental visits into an enjoyable meeting with your dentist. If you or your child has to undergo a dental procedure, our professional dentists will propose painless procedure using advanced techniques. Children love our dentists.

Child-friendly amenities

At 7 Day Dental, we take special care of children. We believe that oral hygiene starts when you are an infant. For that reason, we have provided many child-friendly amenities. This helps them to fight anxiety and have some fun while they are here for a dental visit.

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