Why Your Child’s Toothbrush Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

By January 13, 2017August 12th, 2018Blog, Pedodontic Services, Preventative Care Services

Our Anaheim Pedodontics specialists are always looking for ways to improve your children’s oral health and that even includes free advice about the choices you make for them at home. We make sure to keep on top of all the recent research and studies done recently are especially interesting because they tell us you might be trying to look after your child’s toothbrush and doing more harm than good.


Nylon toothbrush

Child’s Toothbrush orange toothbrushIn fact, recent articles and research points to the fact that over brushing using a nylon toothbrush can actually start gum disease. Surprisingly enough, there’s even some noteworthy research that points to a new catchphrase called toothbrush disease. The Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry has estimated that 24 million Americans suffer from receding gums because of using hard bristle toothbrushes rather than the softer variety.

The problem here is that gum disease can set in after the enamel on your tooth has been eroded away and the gums start to recede. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see that one of the services we offer is Anaheim Pedodontics that focuses on the kind of preventative measures to keep your child’s smile bright and healthy for a lifetime. By choosing the right kind of toothbrush and teaching them some nonabrasive techniques, we can work as a team to accomplish that goal.


Examinations are important

We always like to stress here at 7 Day Dental examinations are an important part of a healthy oral routine for your children. Our techniques include an examination and cleaning so that any trouble that might be developing can be fixed quickly.

Remember that at 7 Day Dental, your oral health is always our number one priority. We specialize in treating each and every member of your family so we know exactly what everyone needs to have a healthy smile for a lifetime. With that said, we thought we should offer you a few quick tips that you can pass along to your children on how to correctly brush their teeth.


Outer surfaces

First off, the brush should be held in a 45° angle to the teeth and Mom and Dad can show their little ones exactly what that looks like. Make sure you show them how to get the outer surfaces , inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces of each and every tooth. Of course you don’t need a brush with the hardest bristles for the younger members of your family.