Why You Should Choose Anaheim Endodontics

By October 3, 2016December 28th, 2018Blog, Endodontic Services

While every dentist that we have here at 7 Day Dental is committed to saving your teeth, Anaheim endodontics specialists add two years of additional education above and beyond the high quality set of credentials they get at dental school.

They are experts at treating tooth pain and you may be referred to one of our Anaheim experts because these specialists understand how to maintain your beautiful smile for entire lifetime.

There are several different symptoms that can help these skilled professionals find the cause of any facial and oral discomfort that has been otherwise difficult to pin down. The red flags that point to the need for endodontics include:


Tooth pain

Anaheim Endodontics FullertonEven though you might be brushing and flossing properly there are many different reasons why you might be suffering including tooth decay. Watch for increased sensitivity to hot and cold liquids as well as facial swelling. These are clear indications you could have a problem.


Abscessed Teeth

Infection around the root of the tooth is called an abscess and this may or may not be painful which makes it all the more important for you to check with our endodontics specialists.

This condition generally starts when the soft tissue that rests inside the root canal becomes inflamed. You can experience pain when chewing but one of the most common symptoms is an aching bone beside the tooth itself.


Teeth That Get Cracked

If you’re an active person who loves sports you might put yourself in danger of cracking a tooth and there are several symptoms that you need to look for including the loss of biting pressure and pain in different kinds of temperature extremes.

The type of treatment that we will suggest for you depends on the type of crack and the location on the tooth. Keep in mind that if you think you’ve cracked a tooth, it’s very important that you get proper treatment as soon as possible.


Root Canal

Our root canal treatment here at 7 Day Dental is efficient and professional. We use only the best in modern equipment so the whole procedure is comfortable and faster than it’s ever been before. We offer this Anaheim endodontic surgery because we want to be sure each and every one of our valuable clients gets exactly the treatment they need at an affordable price.

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