Why Choose Fullerton Endodontics?

By November 28, 2017Blog, Endodontic Services

Our Fullerton endodontics specialists are committed to saving your teeth. They incorporate innovative technique, advanced training and a dedication to each and every one of our patients. Saving the teeth that you were born with is their number one priority here at 7 Day Dental.

That’s why we put together some excellent reasons to choose these specialists. Endodontics is of course the practice of root canal, but there are a few other services these professionals can help with. They handle a variety of other endodontic surgeries and treatments including dental implants as well as traumatic dental injuries.


Working Together

Fullerton Endodontics Orange CountyBecause these people specialize, the chances of saving your natural teeth are greater than going to a general dentist. It’s very often the case that these two sets of professionals work together so that you can get the very best outcome.

Although you need to make an appointment with Fullerton endodontics specialists, there are other circumstances that can speed things up. For example, these professionals can get you in quickly if you’ve had a dental emergency like a chipped or missing tooth.

Regardless of the circumstance, these dentists employ all the modern innovations. Fiber optics as well as digital imaging capabilities and ultrasonic instrumentation are just a few of the advantages.


A Brief Overview

Root canals are the number one job these professionals work on. The space inside each and every one of your teeth is called the pulp chamber. That’s where the root canal system and pulp are located. It’s this pulp that is vital to keeping your tooth alive and healthy.

When the pulp becomes infected or otherwise inflamed, a root canal is necessary. Some kind of injury is quite often the culprit. Gum disease is another factor that can make a root canal therapy needed.


Fullerton Endodontics Background

If you’re worried about pain during the procedure, there’s really no reason with the kind of modern technology available today. In fact, our 7 Day Dental specialists will use anesthesia to numb the affected area so you’ll feel no discomfort at all.


Dental Dam

Our professionals even use what’s called a dental dam to make sure that the area for the root canal is isolated from the rest of your teeth. That makes the affected area sterile so that we can work without any fear of infecting the tooth in question.

Here at 7 Day Dental we have all of your dental needs covered. Of course that includes Fullerton endodontics.