Colin Le, DDS

Orange County Dentist Colin Le, DDS

Dr. Colin Le is an exceptionally brilliant dentist who is currently working at our 3 offices in Orange County, Euclid St., Lincoln Ave. in Anaheim, and our Ladera Ranch office. He is significantly recognized as a great doctor for both general dentistry and oral surgery. He received his undergraduate degree from UCI in 1990 and he graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1994, and since then he has been practicing dentistry. Dr. Colin Le is a member of the Orange County Dental Society, the Connecticut State Dental Association, and the California Dental Association. He has been in the field of dentistry for more than twenty years and has received the Implant Surgery Award. Currently, he is also an assistant professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Loma Linda, works at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in OMS.  

Dr. Colin Le speaks five languages; English, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, and Arabic respectively, making it easy for the patients to communicate with him. Besides general dentistry, his specialties involve trauma, exodontias, and sedation dentistry. He loves this profession because he is able to help his patients recover from all harmful dental diseases and problems. Though Dr. Colin Le seems to be involved with many fields of dentistry, he finds that his true passion in dentistry and most favorite procedures to perform include trauma, exodontias, sedation dentistry, incise and drain, and major pathologic abscesses. He fully devoted himself to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Colin Le cares a lot about the community and wants to use his knowledge of dentistry for the best. He helps students to get into dental schools through recommendations and mentoring. Although he spends most of his time at 7 Day Dental in order to fill the desires and fix the problems of his patients, he still enjoys several other hobbies, including traveling and photography. Dr. Colin Le is extremely well rounded.


Q & A with Dr. Colin Le, DDS!

Q: What do you do to calm down a patient that is scared of dental procedures?

A: I just explain the procedures, tell them to be patient, and play calming music during procedures. So the patients feel at ease and depend on me.

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