Colin Le, DDS

Dr. Colin Le Graduated from UC Irvine with a double major of Psychology and Biological Sciences, Dr. Colin Le has a wide range of experiences that involve him in the medical field. As these were his first majors at UC Irvine, he began working as a paramedic in Orange County. Though, as he continued to work in this field, he realized that his heart was for dentistry. He saw the harmful effects of dental diseases upon people who had little access to dentistry. Thus, he changed his career and soon involved himself in dentistry, attending Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in which he graduated from in 1993.

Ever since he graduated, he has been in the field of dentistry for about twenty years. Although he worked at other dental offices, he saw that 7 Day Dental did not match any other office. He chose to leave other dental offices and come to 7 Day Dental because of the service, quality care, availability, and compassion for those in need. He especially enjoyed the 7 Day Dental characteristic of professionalism with a sense of humility. Dr. Colin Le is relatable and connectable, and is lovingly willing to work with his patients because of his desire to help patients recover from dental diseases.

Of course, Dr. Colin Le is not just dedicated to general dentistry. His specialties involve trauma, exodontias, and sedation dentistry. All of these fields are dear to his heart as he is able to help his patients recover from these often, harmful dental diseases and problems. However, although Dr. Colin Le seems to be involved with many fields of dentistry, he finds that his true passion in dentistry or most favorite procedures to perform include trauma, exodontias, sedation dentistry, incise and drain, and major pathologic abscesses. Dr. Colin Le thus fully extends himself in the field of dentistry.

Though, Dr. Colin Le’s passion for dentistry is not only just limited to the work he does at 7 Day Dental. His passion goes beyond to academic involvement in dental faculty and to create a more clinical than administrative feeling. He believes that in his profession, he must serve with humility as what he does with his knowledge of dentistry will affect the legacy of dentistry, and when in the office, 7 Day Dental. Thus, he cares a lot about the community and wants to use his knowledge of dentistry for the best.

Although Dr. Colin Le spends most of his time at 7 Day Dental in order to fill the desires and fix the problems of his patients, he still enjoys several other hobbies, including being a restaurant connoisseur, hunting, camping, and performing archery. Therefore, Dr. Colin Le is extremely well rounded. He loves speaking with his patients, and thus cannot wait to see you at the 7 Day Dental office!