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Here at 7 Day Dental, you are our top priority! We have trusted dental specialists and support staff who are experienced in performing all cosmetic dental services. Furthermore, we employ innovative technology, techniques, and products to ensure that we deliver the results you desire. We have Orange County cosmetic dentists at our 4 offices in Anaheim, Ladera Ranch and Laguna Woods. Below are the different cosmetic dental services we offer.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Want whiter and sparkling teeth ASAP? Then, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed in-office treatment is the fitting whitening procedure for you!

A trusted whitening brand, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed allows you to have whiter teeth in just 45 minutes. Furthermore, clinical studies have shown that Zoom WhiteSpeed is capable of whitening teeth up to eight shades lighter. In addition, countless patients attest to its efficacy. Apart from its ability to deliver results in a single 45-minute treatment session, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed’s popularity can also be attributed to the fact that it is a safe procedure.Plus, with its adjustable intensity setting, it’s a painless procedure. Fact is, statistics shows that 99% of patients experience little to no sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening in Orange County

Over time, teeth get stained or discolored. The discoloration may be brought about by certain foods or drinks like fruits, coffee and soft drinks. Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco may also stain the teeth. These stains are undeniably barriers to having a pearly white set of teeth and consequently, a beautiful smile. Here at 7 Day Dental, we perform teeth whitening procedures to help you get rid of the stains and restore your tooth or teeth’s old look. Some of the teeth whitening procedures we offer are:

Porcelain Veneers

cosmetic dental servicesPorcelain Veneers are used to improve the appearance of the front surface of the teeth. They are made of thin, custom-made shells. Furthermore, they are crafted using tooth-colored materials, which are carefully selected to match the shade of the patient’s natural teeth. High quality veneers are usually made of porcelain.

Resistant to staining and very durable, veneers made of porcelain make it possible for patients to have natural-looking teeth. This is primarily because of porcelain’s translucency which enables it to look closely like the enamel of a natural toothWhat aesthetic Veneers are used to address discolored teeth, worn down teeth chipped or broken teeth, uneven or irregularly-shaped teeth and gaps between teeth. Compared to bonding, veneers are stronger and consequently, they last longer. In addition, they exhibit better color stability than bonding.

Getting a veneer usually entails two to three visits. In preparation for the veneers, the dentist trims a small amount of the tooth’s enamel to accommodate the shell. This process is relatively painless; however, local anesthesia may be used to minimize pain and sensitivity. After the tooth is prepared, a mold or an impression of your tooth is taken. The impression is sent to a laboratory where a dental technician creates the veneers. While waiting for the permanent veneers, you will be provided with temporaries. In a week or two, placement of the veneers is done. Prior to bonding the veneers, the dentist carefully evaluates its fit and color to ensure that they meet set standards. If the veneers pass the evaluation, the dentist prepares for the placement procedure by thoroughly cleaning the tooth. To improve the adhesion of the veneer, the surface of the tooth is roughened. Then, the veneer is bonded onto the tooth with the help of dental cement. Light beam is used to harden the cement quickly. A follow-up visit is scheduled a few weeks after the procedure for the dentist to check on the veneers.


Lumineers are special or unique veneers designed to be ultra-thin and highly translucent. As Lumineers are as thin as contact lens (or approximately about 0.2 mm), their placement requires little or no tooth reduction unlike in the placement of traditional veneers.

This also means that natural teeth remain intact making this procedure reversible; hence, you can opt to remove the Lumineers when you want to. As mentioned, Lumineers are highly translucent; thus, they are able to replicate the natural appearance of tooth enamel.Furthermore, although they are ultra-thin, Lumineers are extra strong.As a testament to their durability, with proper dental care they can last over 20 years. Most importantly, since little to no tooth shaving is necessary, the Lumineers procedure is generally painless and comfortable.

It is important to note, however, that expertise in this procedure is necessary for the process to be convenient for patients and the results to be successful. This is why it is imperative for the procedure to be done by a Certified Lumineers Dentist. Here at 7 Day Dental, we have Certified Lumineers Dentists experienced in performing this procedure.

Much like traditional veneers, Lumineers can fix various aesthetics-related dental problems like eliminating spaces and gaps between teeth and restoring chipped teeth. They also reshape small or misshapen teeth, align crooked teeth, renew dental work and brighten/whiten discolored or stained teeth.

The Lumineers procedure requires two visits; placement of Lumineers usually happens on the second visit. Typically, the first visit is dedicated to the creation of an accurate mold and selection of a shade that best fits you. In traditional veneers, temporaries are required while waiting for the permanent or final veneers to be finished. This is not necessary when waiting for custom Lumineers. When the Lumineers are done, their fit and shade are examined before application. Moderate etching of the teeth is done as a preparation for the placement of the Lumineers. The application process usually takes an hour. You may be required to see your dentist for a follow-up check-up a few weeks after the procedure.

Snap-On Smile

7 Day Dental offers Snap-On Smile, a removable appliance that can help transform the appearance of the teeth. Tagged as the cheaper alternative to costly cosmetic dental procedures, Snap-On Smile improves your teeth at fairly affordable price. Also, getting a Snap-On Smile is a very comfortable process.

It is devoid of processes that change the tooth structure (like tooth drilling and tooth shaving) which are often done in traditional cosmetic procedures. Simply put, Snap-On Smile entails a non-invasive and pain-free procedure. Lastly, for maximum comfort and for a more natural look, the appliance is designed to be thin. However, while it may be thin, it is still extremely durable and stain-resistant. In fact, it can be worn while eating and drinking.

Worn over the natural teeth, Snap-On Smile can be a temporary or a permanent solution to discolored or stained teeth. It can also be used to cover crooked or uneven teeth and to close gaps between teeth. For those with a gummy smile, Snap-On Smile may be used to increase the height of the teeth. This appliance is also for patients seeking a better-looking and more comfortable alternative to removable dentures.

With Snap-On Smile, you can get that model-perfect teeth or smile in just two visits. On the preliminary visit, the dentist determines if you are a good candidate for Snap-On Smile. If you are, the next step involves the discussion of the different styles and shades available. Then, with the dentist’s guidance, you select the style and shade that best meets your needs and wants. Once you have decided, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth. In about three weeks, you’d be asked to return for your Snap-On Smile. If the appliance fits perfectly and meets your specifications, you get to go home with it and have the perfect smile you want. Also, you get to take home a special cleaning solution which you can use to care for your appliance.

Undeniably, Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary dental appliance that allows patients to instantly have beautiful smile. However, reaping the benefits of this impressive product wouldn’t be possible without the aid of a Snap-On Smile Dentist. We have dentists trained and experienced in performing the Snap-On Smile procedure. Rest assured, with our competent team of experts, you’d get the lovely smile you desire as well as reap the full benefits of getting Snap-On Smile.

Internal Bleaching

This whitening procedure is performed to lighten or remove the dark discoloration on a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment. At times, especially in cases involving a knocked out tooth, the dark discoloration is due to an internal tooth bleeding.

With internal bleaching, the tooth is basically whitened inside out. This is since the procedure involves cleaning the insides of the tooth through a root canal treatment. The root canal treatment is done to eliminate any infected pulp. This is followed by the placement of a special bleaching agent or material inside the tooth. The whitening agent reacts with the stains and dissolves their particles. The material is left inside the tooth for two weeks and replaced until the desired “whiteness” is achieved. When the treatment is complete, the hole on the teeth is filled to prevent the entry of foreign matter in the tooth


A crown is a fixed prosthetic device cemented onto existing teeth or implants for variety of reasons. It is like a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth or an implant to cover its visible portion. A crown may be used for aesthetic purposes like enhancing the shape, alignment and appearance of the teeth. It is utilized in restoring fractured tooth and covering discolored or misshapen tooth. A crown may also be recommended to protect a weak tooth from breaking or to strengthen a damaged tooth. It also has a functional purpose. In cases where there isn’t enough tooth left to hold a filling, a crown may be used to cover and support the remainder of the tooth.

Typically, two visits are needed when getting a crown. On the first visit, the dentist examines, with the aid of X-rays, the tooth which is going to receive the crown as well as the surrounding bones. Root canal treatment is recommended when decay is found or the tooth’s pulp is at risk of developing infection. If this procedure is done or if no decay or problem is detected, the tooth is reshaped in preparation for the procedure.

Its top and sides are filed down to make room for the crown. The amount of tooth shaved off depends on the type of crown that’s going to be used. Meanwhile, if the damage or decay has eradicated too much of the tooth, it is necessary to “build up” the tooth first. This is usually accomplished using filling materials.

Once the tooth is reshaped, an impression of it is taken as well as the one below it to ensure that the crown doesn’t affect your bite. Then, a temporary crown is fitted into the prepared tooth for protection. On your next visit, the permanent crown is placed on the tooth. Should you have no problems with the fit and shade, the crown is permanently bonded onto the tooth.

Crowns are made of different materials to meet patients’ needs and match the color their teeth. Here at 7 Day Dental, to deliver your desired results, we utilize only the best products and employ cutting edge technology and techniques.

Below are some of the types of crowns we offer:

Lava Crown

When it comes to all-ceramic crowns, Lava Crown is a reputable and popular brand. A Lava Crown has what every cosmetic patient and dentist desire in a crown – aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking, biocompatible, and long lasting. Made from zirconia, or zirconia oxide, a Lava Crown has a translucent framework that mimics the natural teeth, thereby making it indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Lauded by experts for its durability, the Lava crown is clinically proven to be high fracture resistant. As it is custom-made using innovative technology, this type of crown is also noted for having an impressive marginal fit. Lava crown application is also a straightforward and comfortable process which usually entails the removal of minimal tooth structure. In just two visits, you can banish any aesthetic concern you have with your tooth or teeth.


Procera is a trusted name when it comes to metal-free crowns. Composed entirely of ceramic, Procera crowns enable you to have natural-looking and aesthetically appealing restorations. Additionally, they are crafted to exactly match the color of your existing teeth; thus, with this type of crown, your restoration is “invisible”. They are also devoid of the metal base which is found in partially ceramic traditional crowns. In addition, Procera crowns are custom-made to achieve perfect fit. They are also designed to bring back an injured tooth’s full functionality. Furthermore, unlike metal crowns, they are biocompatible thereby, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and eliminating the chances of gum recession. Fact is, Procera crowns are even engineered so that gum symmetry and stability are achieved by encouraging the growth of gums around them.

If you are interested in any of these services provided by our Orange County cosmetic dentists please contact one of offices in Anaheim, Laguna Woods, or Ladera Ranch today.

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