Emergency Dental Care Treatment Orange County and Healthy Snacks

By September 5, 2018September 16th, 2018Blog, Emergency Dentistry

Our 7 Day Dental emergency dental care treatment Orange County team is always available to provide you with excellent emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental Care Treatment Orange CountyWe know most of our patients look after their teeth. We’re also aware many of our patients are active people who enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Even though these leisure pursuits can cause some damage from time to time, we know their dental health is always a priority to them and us.

That’s why we’ve included some ideas on healthy snacks that promote a good smile.

Dentists all suggest that you eat a healthy serving of whole grain breads and cereals every day if you can. In addition to lean meats, fruits and vegetables are important as well. While supplements can replace some nutrients, it’s always best to get these nutrients from the foods directly.

There are some other snacks you can have that promote a healthy smile. While it goes without saying that too much of anything that contains sugar is bad for your mouth, cheese and dried fruits are actually good for your oral health.

Popcorn and plain yogurt are also good for your teeth.


A Few General Tips from Your Emergency Dental Care Treatment Orange County Experts


  • There are certain times that your teeth are more susceptible to having the enamel damaged than others. For example, we suggest that you avoid acidic drinks and fruits in between meals. The reason is simple. Those are the times when there isn’t as much saliva to protect your teeth from these types of corroding foods.
  • It’s also a good idea to have a little milk after each meal. This is another good way to protect your teeth from the acidic foods you might be eating. Remember, these are the types of foods that can cause problems for your teeth.
  • Here’s a quick idea for those of you who have a sweet tooth. In general, it’s not about the amount of sweet candy and other tasty treats you eat. Rather, it’s about the time they are left in your mouth before you clean your teeth. It’s better to eat these sweets at meal times because there is more saliva in your mouth during those periods.


In addition to these practical facts, our emergency dental care treatment Orange County team is always available to do our part to keep your smile bright.

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