Endodontics Orange County and Children

By December 13, 2017 August 5th, 2018 Blog, Endodontic Services

Here at 7 Day Dental, we pride ourselves on excellent endodontics Orange County services. Many people think that root canal treatments are only for adults. However, there are situations where children need these treatments too.

Here’s a few things parents can do to help calm their children’s nerves if they need this kind of treatment.


Start with Regular Checkups Early

Children will be afraid of dentists when they don’t know what to expect. Many pediatric dentists suggest you bring your child in when their first tooth appears around their first birthday. That way, they’ll know what to expect if they need something like an endodontic treatment later on.


Keep Things Simple

Endodontics Orange CountyThere’s no need to try and explain too much about the kind of treatment your child will be getting. The chances are they won’t understand everything that you say and will become anxious. The more details about endodontics Orange County treatments you provide, the more questions they will have. You should also avoid telling your little ones that everything will be fine. Keeping things simple, positive and a little vague is the best course of action.


Choose Your Words Carefully

Keeping things simple is important but so is carefully choosing the words you use. Parents should avoid using words like pain. In fact some experts suggest Mom and Dad tell their children they are going to the dentist to count their teeth.

The staff here at 7 Day Dental have experience in choosing their words carefully around your children. It is important to make the visit seem healthy and interesting. Using words like strong and fun will put a positive image of the dentist’s office in your child’s mind.

Here at 7 Day Dental we’ve gone out of our way to make sure you have everything you need. Our atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly and our staff are highly trained and compassionate.


Play Dentist Beforehand

Having a mockup dental visit in your home before the real thing can help. If you make the whole event like a game for your child, they’ll be at ease when the real visit comes about. Letting your child pretended to clean the teeth of a favorite animal or doll is helpful.

Finally, most parents will need to accept the fact there will be a little fussing involved. Mom and Dad should keep in mind that our endodontics Orange County staff understand how to deal with children.

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