Extraction Indications

At any time, your dentist extracts your teeth, there has to be a relevant indication. Extracting a tooth without a relevant indication is unprofessional and it could lead to various oral health risks.

Rear teeth pain is the most common indication of wisdom teeth extraction. They are usually extracted when they are either already impacted or they have become hazardous and could lead to the development of infections due to trapped food particles.

If your teeth are not extracted after clear indications, it could lead to frequent infections and long-term medical complications. Consequently, your remaining healthy teeth can develop infections and you could suffer from various oral diseases.

When your dentist will suggest extracting a tooth?

extraction indications

It’s important to plan and prepare for teeth extraction. Your dentist will need to perform the surgical procedure during an acute stage to minimize acute pain and inflammation.

Immediate teeth extraction

You may require immediate teeth extraction due to acute tooth pain. Immediate extraction is often the only option for severe inflammatory complication developed due to general diseases.

Sometimes, patients may have to undergo immediate teeth extraction as a result of another orthodontic treatment such as crowding.

Postpone teeth extraction

Your dentist may suggest postponing teeth extraction in case of acute infection. When patient’s general health is poor, the dentist will definitely postpone the surgery to ensure that the patient regains health before the procedure could be carried out. You may require antibiotic treatment prior to extraction.

In some cases, your dentist may have to extract your wisdom teeth in order to complete orthodontic therapy successfully.


Therapeutic indications of teeth extraction

Here are therapeutic indications of teeth extraction.

  • Your teeth are severely damaged by caries or retained roots
  • Periodontal disease has damaged your teeth
  • When teeth can’t be preserved endodontically due to peri-apical infections
  • Your teeth are damaged by facial trauma and they can’t be recovered
  • You have crowding or impeded eruption problems (for both milk and permanent teeth)
  • Your dentist needs to maintain normal occlusion during prosthodontic treatment
  • During tumor surgery, any tooth located in the infected area will be extracted

Prophylactic indication of teeth extraction

In case of prophylactic indication, it’s important to extract problem teeth at the earliest. If left untreated, they can lead to further infections and complications. Patients can also suffer bodily harm.

General medical indications of teeth extraction

Below, you can learn about general medical indications of teeth extraction.

  • You need tooth restoration before organ transplantation procedure
  • Your teeth may have to be extracted prior to chemotherapy or radiation
  • Sometimes your teeth need to be extracted before you could undergo heart-valve surgery

Local indications of teeth extraction

  • Your dentist suggests extracting teeth as a protective measure prior to orthognathic surgery to prevent fracture cleft infection
  • Sometimes, your dentist may have to remove overrupted teeth in order to perform extensive prosthodontic treatment successfully
  • Before a conservative and prosthodontic treatment, your dentist will extract teeth when unclear whether to preserve them or not
  • Impacted and partially impacted tooth
  • Sometimes, a dentist may suggest extracting teeth to prevent a follicular cyst from forming around the impacted teeth
  • A tooth may have to be extracted when there is a risk of root resorption of adjacent teeth
  • When crowded teeth carry a risk of caries
  • To prevent neuralgic pain

Contra-indications of teeth extraction

Contra-indications are temporary. They are related to the general medical stability of a patient who is to undergo teeth extraction process.

  • Acute inflammation
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Acute phase of myocardial infarction
  • Severe cardiac insufficiency


In case clear indications of teeth, extraction are present, it’s important to plan an extraction whether immediate or at a later date in accordance with your health and other pre-operative conditions. Schedule a visit to our 7 Day Dental Laguna Woods office to take care of all of your dental needs.



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