Family Dentist Ladera Ranch Tips You Haven’t Heard Anywhere Else

By December 12, 2016August 12th, 2018Blog, Preventative Care Services

We pride ourselves on being thorough and compassionate when it comes to the family dentist Ladera Ranch services that we provide. We want to make your dental experiences as comfortable and efficient as possible and to that end, we accept most insurance plans.

However, there is more to what we do to ensure each and every one of our clients has a healthy, happy smile for life. Here at 7 Day Dental, we put all the necessary forms online so it’s easy and convenient for you to get started.

By now, you can see that we take great pride in making sure our clients are well-prepared for a pleasurable and comfortable experience with us. To that end. we’ve supplied some interesting tips you might not have heard anywhere else.


Tip #1 : Healthy Gums and Teeth Need To Work Together

Family Dentist Ladera Ranch TipsWe like to stress to our valued patients they need to look after both their teeth and gums so they can have a smile that will last a lifetime. Quite often, people look after their teeth at the expense of their gums but the two need to work together and sometimes a problem with your gums isn’t as obvious as one with your teeth.

For example, people quite often dismiss some blood when they are brushing as pressing too hard with their toothbrush but that might not tell the whole story. A healthy set of gums won’t bleed that all and if you catch a problem early enough, it won’t grow into something as serious as periodontitis.

Likewise, you should watch your intake of sugary foods because no matter how much you brush, the sugar can attach itself to the bacteria in your mouth and erode the enamel on your teeth.


Tip #2 : Do Your Part At Home

Honesty is always the best policy and that’s why we like to tell our patients they need to have an excellent oral hygiene routine at home. One of the first things that you’ll need to do is pick the right toothbrush.

Our family dentist Ladera Ranch services recommend that you take it easy on yourself and make a choice that has soft bristles. It’s a little-known fact a toothbrush with harder bristles can actually damage your gums and teeth. Because our first tip was all about how to get these two to work together, we are confident this is the best choice.