Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Orange County

By December 12, 2016August 12th, 2018Blog, Prosthodontic Services

A full mouth reconstruction is also known as full mouth rehabilitation. This process restores your mouth when it’s in the adverse state of oral health. Victims of traumatic injury can benefit a great deal from full mouth rebuilding surgery.

A full mouth reconstruction can help patients restore damage to their jaw and teeth, whether caused by an injury or an infection. In addition to improving aesthetics, this surgery can also help relieve the pain in head and jaw caused by bad bite and misaligned jaws.

This treatment focuses on improving the oral health while restoring the proper function of teeth and jaw. You regain your beautiful smile and you feel normal again.


What to expect from a full mouth reconstruction treatment?

Full Mouth ReconstructionA full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation involves several dental procedures that are performed together to achieve the desired result. Your dentist will select treatments based on your oral health, aesthetic requirements, and nature of the injury to your jaw and teeth.

It’s a personalized procedure that varies from patient to patient. Some treatments that your dentist could consider to include in a full mouth reconstruction are below.



  • Your dentist will start with periodontal care
  • Deep cleaning is usually the first treatment for a full mouth rehabilitation
  • Reduction of natural teeth to make space for veneers and bridges
  • Crown fixing and lengthening can help improve your teeth alignment
  • Surgery for fixing jaw position is often used to fully reconstruct patient’s mouth
  • Your dentist may also perform soft and hard tissue grafting
  • Permanent and temporary restorations are placed using surgical procedures
  • Your dentist may also have to use implant placement and restoration procedures in case you need temporary or permanent implants for broken / removed teeth


Apart from these treatments, your dentist can also choose other treatments to achieve specific results in your case. It’s a lengthy process and requires your dentist to have complete understanding and experience of performing various dental procedures. Be sure to discuss your particular case with your 7 Day Dental dentist who will explain all the required procedures.


Full mouth reconstruction at 7 Day Dental Office

At 7 Day Dental, a full mouth rehabilitation process starts with discussion. Your dentist will discuss details of your medical and oral condition. You will also learn about various treatment options that can help your dentist achieve the desired results.

This in-depth discussion and awareness session is followed by x-rays and thorough dental examination to diagnose your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Your dentist at 7 Day Dental will examine your bite, jaw position, and jaw bones to determine the condition of your teeth and jaw. This will help to set the right course of action to restore full function and aesthetics of your mouth.


A multispecialty dental office

7 Day Dental is a multispecialty office. Our dentists are equipped with technology and have relevant experience to perform various dental procedures. Most importantly, we are staffed with specialists in all the branches of dentistry.

Our dentists are known for successfully performing various procedures while ensuring maximum comfort for patients. We can easily assemble a team of experts to make the process hassle-free and more convenient for you.

Dentists at 7 Day Dental office have worked together for a long time, which makes them a great team. Due to their impressive teamwork, our patients are able to recover quickly with minimal pain.

7 Day Dental’s full mouth reconstruction procedure is undeniably one of the best in the Orange County area.