Fullerton Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening Tips

By September 25, 2017Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

After you’ve had our Fullerton cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening services done, you’ll want to keep your smile looking great for as long as possible. Research tells us there are certain foods that will keep your teeth white long after the procedure is done.

Here’s a partial list of those foods.


Choose fruits and vegetables

Fullerton Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth WhiteningEveryone knows that firm fruits like apples are good for your body in a number of different ways. Anything that you need to chew in this category also helps to scrub your teeth clean. Vegetables like carrots also help saliva to flow freely in your mouth and neutralize any acids that can harm your teeth.


Dairy and cheese

This is another category of foods that’s good for your teeth and your overall health at the same time. Any dairy products are considered a good choice for keeping your teeth white since they contain high amounts of calcium. For example, the lactic acid that’s found in cheese and milk actually helps to prevent tooth decay.

Eating cheese helps to remove particles that have been left on your teeth from other foods.

Of course, there are a set of Fullerton Cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening tips designed to steer you away from certain foods that can damage your smile.


Foods that stain teeth

Most people know they shouldn’t smoke for a variety of health reasons including the damage it can do to their teeth and gums. However, not everyone knows there are some foods that are considered good for you but can stain your teeth at the same time.

Blueberries have proven health benefits. However, they can stain your teeth along with soy sauce and most soft drinks.

Finally, here are a few foods that are good for your teeth and your whole mouth at the same time. Topping the list is yogurt. This food populates your mouth with good bacteria that fights off the kinds of germs that can promote tooth decay.



Raisins are another food that’s good for you and your dental health. Our Fullerton Cosmetic dentistry professionals recommend them because they are high in fiber. Raisins also contain polyphenols that are also found in grapes.

Here at 7 Day Dental, our Fullerton cosmetic dentistry services are dedicated to making sure you have a smile that lasts a lifetime. Why not get in touch with us today at our friendly Fullerton location?