Why Our Fullerton Pediatric Dentistry Experts Fix Children’s Cavities

By November 9, 2017Blog, Pedodontic Services

Our Fullerton pediatric dentistry professionals are the first to tell everyone how important your first set of teeth actually are. They need to stay in place until the more permanent adult teeth come right in behind them. These placeholders are important and that’s why we like to fix cavities in them.

First off, we like to stress how important oral hygiene is for every age. Mom and dad should highlight the routines of good oral hygiene from the time your child is very small. If they get cavities in these baby teeth, we still like to fill them any way.


Dental insurance

Fullerton Pediatric Dentistry Orange CountyQuite often your dental insurance will dictate what kind of fillings you can get.  Generally, many pediatric dentists offer metal fillings or white composite. Our dentists generally drill away the cavity and then fill it afterwards. If the situation is especially severe, we can even place a crown.

Sometimes these cavities in your children’s teeth can recur. This can be the case when cavities happen in-between teeth. Although it’s not all that common, our Fullerton pediatric dentistry team might need to refill a cavity if it reoccurs.

A filling in your child’s tooth might need to be replaced for some other reasons as well. If they are active and like to play sports, they can crack or chip a tooth and it needs to be repaired.


Dental care for your whole family

When your children needs to have more than one cavity repaired, sometimes several visits will be necessary. It all depends on the child. Some kids are fine sitting in a dentist chair for a long period of time. Others get a bit fidgety. Here at 7 Day Dental, we are always willing and able to provide the best kind of dental care for your whole family.

In fact, we’ve even made sure our foyers are warm and inviting for our younger visitors. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see how we’ve made everything convenient for our valued clients. We even have the forms that mom and dad will need to fill out right on the website.

Our Fullerton pediatric dentistry professionals can help you with any questions you might have about your children’s oral health. In fact, we are only too glad to help you establish a routine that will keep their smiles bright for a lifetime.