Good Tips From Your Laguna Woods Kids Dentist

By October 8, 2018October 17th, 2018Blog, Pedodontic Services

Being a Laguna Woods kids dentist means we’ve seen our fair share of children who were nervous about visiting the dentist. Lots of times, it’s all about the children feeding off their parents’ anxieties.

We always like to help parents get out in front of any nervousness their children are feeling. If you can manage the anxiety when your kids are young, they’ll grow up to enjoy dental visits and have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.


Here are some good tips for doing just that.

  • Laguna Woods kids dentistOne of the first things you can do is offer a simple explanation of what’s going to happen when you bring your children into see us. We understand completely how first impressions of a dental office can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to make it look as friendly and inviting as possible. However, you can do your part as parents too. Keep in mind, there’s no need to give out too much detail — our Laguna Woods kids dentist professionals are experts at supplying easy to understand explanations.
  • Here is another good tip. We don’t think it’s a good idea to offer your child some kind of reward for being good during their visit to the dentist. We suggest praising them rather than taking them to a movie afterward. That way, they will get the impression that going to the dentist is a positive thing.
  • Your children might not understand why going to the dentist is good for their health. Keeping it all in simple terms they can understand will do the most good. For example, you can tell them visiting the dentist will keep their teeth looking white. This is one of the methods that helps them to get motivated.
  • The Laguna Woods kids dentist experts we have on staff also suggest taking a few minutes to explain what good oral hygiene is all about. We also think it’s best if you don’t talk too much about your own dental experiences with your children. If you keep it focused on them, they will have a much easier time of relating to our facility when they get here.


We encourage parents to start bringing their children in for regular dental visits when they are young. Keep in mind, we are always available to answer any of your questions. Being well-known as a Laguna Woods kids dentist is a pleasure for us.

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