The Great Thing About Snoring

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As great a problem as snoring is, a lot of people are in total denial of it. You ask them about their snoring issue and they’d reply saying “What’s the big deal about it?”

Snoring is extremely common and as unfortunate as it can be, it leads the various couple to separate their bedrooms and spend their time in alienation. It all starts with a simple denial.

When your partner snores, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable. After all, it’s nearly impossible to sleep while an alarm clock is buzzing next to your ears. That’s how it feels when you sleep next to a snorer. However, it’s not all about spouse alienation but snoring can lead to some serious health issues. It’s a warning sign of sleep deprivation and dysfunction. It could easily be a symptom of sleep apnea.


If you snore, you don’t have to change bedrooms. Thankfully, your dentist at 7 Day Dental can help you explore various effective solutions that can help you and your partner live a better life and sleep peacefully at night.


What causes snoring?

About Snoring Orange CountySnoring happens when air doesn’t move freely through your airway when you sleep. As a result, the tissues surrounding the airway vibrate and produce a sound – the familiar snoring sound.

It’s usually the excess of nasal or throat tissue that causes this problem. Sometimes, tongue position while sleeping can also cause patients to snore.

It’s important to understand causes behind snoring. After you know the cause, it’s easy to find a treatment to stop snoring. Your dentist at 7 Day Dental will examine your mouth, tongue, and throat tissues to determine the cause of snoring.

Snoring is like pain. It’s an indication that you have a deeper problem that needs your attention.


The correlation between snoring and sleep apnea

If you are snoring, it could be due to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is connected to cancer and other serious illness.

Snoring and sleep apnea are also connected to other serious issues including the high blood pressure, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and chronic daytime fatigue. People snoring due to sleep apnea have a high likelihood of being involved in motor accidents.


Don’t ignore snoring

So if you are snoring, it’s important not to ignore it. It could be signaling a far greater problem such as sleep apnea.

Visit your 7 Day Dental office today and talk to your dentist about your snoring problem. A sleep specialist at 7 Day Dental office will examine your mouth comprehensively after noting down the symptoms you explain. Some patients may have to undergo a sleep study to further examine their snoring and sleep apnea problem. Visit or call 7 Day Dental office any day of the week.


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