Here’s Just a Few Ways Anaheim Invisalign Helps with Your Smile

By August 19, 2020August 27th, 2020Orthodontic Services

Anaheim Invisalign treatments can straighten your smile in as little as six months. Many patients see an improvement in just weeks. These clear aligners fix a variety of dental issues.

Here’s just a few ways they can help with your smile. 

They Fix Crowded Teeth

Anaheim Invisalign Orange CountyThese work with crowded teeth. If your teeth twist, overlap or bunch up, invisible aligners can fix the problem. Without treatment, you can suffer from other difficulties including gum disease and tooth decay.

They Work to Straighten Teeth

Having straighter teeth is a confidence booster. You don’t need to have a dental issue to get big benefits from Anaheim Invisalign treatments. Some of our patients just want straighter teeth. They are looking for a leg up in their careers or social life.

Clear Aligners Fix Overbites 

When your upper teeth overlap your bottom teeth, you’ve got an overbite. While a slight overlap is normal, a severe overbite can cause your teeth to wear down. Clear aligners can treat the problem.

These custom products are unique to every patient. We make sure they are engineered to provide a custom fit. Every aligner is inspected to meet the highest quality standards. The end result is a beautiful smile you’ll be proud of.

They Fix Gaps 

If you’ve got gaps between two or more of your teeth, aligners can help correct this issue. Gaps between your teeth leave pockets where food can get stuck. If left untreated, this situation can result in gum disease.

What to Expect 

Patients are always asking us what they should expect from clear aligners. We tell them they are designed to start moving your teeth right away. That means there might be a little discomfort for the first few days. You might even speak with a lisp for up to a week while getting used to wearing the aligners.

Here’s a tip to make that initial transition period easier. Resist the temptation to move the aligners with your tongue. These custom aligners might feel a little strange in your mouth at first, but you’ll get used to them quickly.  

However, if they rub up against your gums and cause irritation, give us a call.

We can trim the edges of your Anaheim Invisalign aligners to tailor the fit. Here’s another hint. Take them out when you eat. You need to brush and floss before you put your aligners back in your mouth.

Staying on top of a good oral hygiene routine is important.

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