Here’s Some Common Children’s Injuries Our Anaheim Emergency Dentistry Team Sees

By November 4, 2022January 6th, 2023Emergency Dentistry, Pedodontic Services

Our Anaheim emergency dentistry clinic sees a lot of children’s injuries throughout all seasons. Almost half of all children will hurt one of their teeth when they are young. Most of these accidents are avoidable. Here are some common ones that can happen at home and how they might be prevented.

Losing a Baby Tooth.

The most common dental injury we see when it comes to children is the loss of a primary tooth. Usually, it’s one of the front ones. Children can fall onto their faces while playing with their friends or taking part in sports.

If your child loses one of their baby teeth at home, come and see us right away. We can usually repair or replace it.

A Chipped Tooth

Sometimes your child can fall at home and chip a permanent tooth. If that’s the case, do your best to find the broken piece and store it in a baggie. You’ll need to come into our Anaheim emergency dentistry facility right away if your child’s nerve is exposed. It’s important for us to do a series of x-rays to make sure there are no other fractures.

A Tooth That’s Been Completely Knocked Out

If your child loses a permanent tooth, it’s important that you come to us ASAP. The quicker you can come into our facility, the better the chance for a permanent recovery. The first step is to find the tooth that’s been knocked out and pick it up by the crown. 

Avoid touching the root. Rinse it off, but don’t scrub it clean. If your child is a little older, you can put the tooth back in the socket and have them bite down on some gauze. 

Maybe you can’t put it back in its proper place. If that’s the case, your child can hold it against their cheek to keep it moist.

Permanent Tooth Underneath

Don’t try and replace a knocked-out baby tooth. The permanent tooth underneath could be damaged in the process.

Our Anaheim emergency dentistry team is always telling parents that their children’s mouth injuries bleed a lot and then heal quickly. They need to remember blood mixes with saliva and makes the situation look worse than it is. Getting in touch with us when there’s been an accident at home is the first step.

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