Holly Dinh, RDH

Holly Dinh, RDHHolly Dinh is one of our most skilled and knowledgeable dental hygienist at 7 Day Dental. She received her degree from Howard University College of Dentistry, in Washington, D.C. and working in the dental field for many years. Holly loves to interact with patients to make their experience as pleasant as she can. She understands that many patients have anxiety and it is her caring and sincere approach that helps her to calm those fearful patients during the treatment.

Educating patients about their dental health is also one of her priorities that creates a strong connection between Holly and her patients. Therefore, all her patients regularly visit Holly for routine checkups year after year.

Due to her gentle and calm nature, not only do patients love her, but the entire staff at our office loves her as well. She can communicate well in both English and Vietnamese.

Her leisure activities include shopping, cooking and music. Apart from working, she loves to enjoy her time with family.

You can find Holly at our Lincoln Ave. and Euclid St. Anaheim offices where she uses her years of experience and knowledge to serve patients.

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