How to Make Your Child Want to Brush their Teeth

Children like to act like adults. That’s one of the things that parents can use to help develop healthy habits among children. They learn from adults around them, and they want to do whatever these adults like doing.


That means if a child sees a parent eager to brush, they will naturally believe that it’s something good and healthy. When parents enjoy brushing their teeth, children consider it a fun activity. Since children like doing fun activities, they will start brushing their teeth without parents having to force it.

In addition this simple yet effective tip, you can use various tips and tricks to help your child want to brush their teeth.

Select the right kind of toothpaste

After your kids realize that oral hygiene is a fun activity, parents need to make sure that the children are using special toothpaste for kids. It’s easier to spit, and they can make a lot of bubbles with it.

Don’t load their brush with toothpaste. Only add as little as the size of a pea so that they can handle it easily without swallowing most of it.

Encourage them to start brushing at a young age

When children develop a habit in the early age, it sticks with them. If they start cleaning at a young age and they understand the importance of oral hygiene, they will find it easy to brush daily, for the rest of their life.

Encourage them by setting rewards for oral hygiene

A regular visit to a dentist from an early age can go a long way in helping your children maintain their oral health. You can tell them that if they brush regularly until their next dental visit, they will get a reward for plague-free teeth.

The reward could be anything that your children like. For example, you can take them to a part of allowing them extra playtime on the weekend. Whatever you do, don’t give them candy as a reward for brushing their teeth regularly.

Let your kids brush teeth of their favorite stuffed animal

Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? Whether it’s a sheep, a panda, or a cute dog, your kids will develop special affection with these animals over time.

If you feel like they are not interested in brushing their teeth, you can allow them to take their favorite animals in the bathroom with them when they go for brushing. Tell them they can only clean teeth of their animal when they have cleaned their own teeth first.

Your kids will not only enjoy brushing their teeth, but they will also learn a great deal by practicing proper brushing techniques on their stuffed animals.

Dental hygiene practices rely entirely on the foundations set as a child.  At 7 Day Dental, we teach your children on how to brush their teeth properly during their dental visit.


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