How to Prepare for a Laguna Woods Tooth Extraction

By August 11, 2020August 13th, 2020Oral Surgery Services

A Laguna Woods tooth extraction doesn’t need to be daunting or frightening. The more you know about what to expect from the procedure, the smoother everything will go. Preparation is one of the keys. Here’s a few things you can do before you visit the dentist.

Get Educated

Laguna Woods Tooth Extraction Ladera RanchFind out why your tooth needs to be pulled. Sometimes, a tooth is so badly decayed, it can’t be saved. A decayed tooth can spread infection to healthy teeth unless it’s extracted. In other cases, teeth need to be pulled to create space for orthodontic treatments.

Ask your dentist about your particular situation.

Share Your Medical History

Before a Laguna Woods tooth extraction, the dentist will need to know your complete medical history. Don’t leave out any details. Specifics that are especially important include a history of liver disease or an impaired immune system. Make sure to tell the dentist if you’ve had any artificial joint replacements or have congenital heart defects.

Don’t forget to add a list of any current medications you are taking. We want to avoid drug interactions of any kind. Patients taking blood thinners should let us know before the procedure. We will more than likely recommend you stop them before the extraction.

Get X-Rays

Your dentist will need a plan to extract the damaged tooth. Dental X-rays are the best way to map out a strategy. If you’re having your wisdom teeth removed, X-rays are especially important. This gives a good picture of all your teeth. This panoramic view is useful when wisdom teeth are impacted and some delicate work may be needed around your jaw.

Get a Ride

The chances are you won’t be able to drive home after the extraction. It’s best if you arrange for a family member or friend to take over those duties. You’ll be a little groggy following the procedure. It’s even a good idea to see if you can take a day or two off work.

Avoid Dry Socket

This is a rare situation. However, dry socket happens when the blood clot at the extraction site gets dislodged. This can occur from the simple act of sucking a drink through a straw. As a result, the nerves and bone underneath are exposed. If you avoid using straws after a Laguna Woods tooth extraction, you’ll reduce the chance of dealing with dry socket.

Finally, you should limit yourself to soft foods for a few days after the procedure. While you are recovering, try and stay away from nuts and seeds. These can get lodged in the extraction site.

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