The Importance of Treating Gum Disease

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At 7 Day Dental, our Orange County dental offices help you choose the right treatment for gum disease. Our qualified dentists will look at different factors such as stage of the disease, your response to earlier treatments, and your oral health. If you’d like to know why treating gum disease is so important, please read the following.

Why treating gum disease is so important?

treating gum disease Orange CountyGum disease or periodontitis affects nearly 80% of American adults. It could range from simple gum problems such as inflammation to severe infection. Treating this condition at the earliest is important. If left untreated, it could lead to some serious damage to your health and confidence.

  • Since gum disease is infectious, you can easily infect someone by kissing if you leave your disease untreated.
  • Periodontitis can easily lead to tooth loss. Consequently, you will lose your confidence and find it difficult to get along with other people. You won’t be smiling anymore.
  • Whether you have simple gum inflammation (gingivitis) or a severe infection, it could easily damage the soft tissue. If ignored, it could result in significant damage to the bone.
  • The bacteria infecting our oral cavities can have detrimental effects on our major body organs. These bacteria target our arteries and may cause acceleration of atherosclerotic changes which tend to harden these arteries.
  • In additions, those with periodontitis have higher rates of diabetes and strokes. Preventing these dangerous conditions is a primary reason for treating gum disease right away.
  • When left untreated, the condition may become so aggravated that surgery is necessary.

With so many successful treatment options available at 7 Day Dental in Orange County, living with healthy gum line is easy.

7 Day Dental Offers Various Treatment Plans for Gum Disease

At 7 Day Dental, our primary approach is to use non-surgical preventative methods whenever possible. But in some cases where gum disease has reached advanced stages, surgical treatment is the only option. Our treatment plans use procedures that have proven clinically successful. We will implement a periodontal therapy treatment plan for you based on the severity of the disease. To thoroughly eradicate the bacteria from your oral cavity and control your periodontal condition, you must follow the specific plan devised by your dentist. It is not a good idea to pick and choose particular treatments like ordering from the menu. To ensure total success, a series of home products must also be part of your periodontal therapy.

Does your insurance cover gum disease treatment?

Some of these plan procedures may not be totally covered by your insurance. Unfortunately, most insurance companies are behind the times and are only looking to make a profit. Nevertheless, to make you healthy, the plan selected for you must be diligently implemented to eradicate the disease to the fullest possible extent. There is a plan associated with your type of periodontal disease.

  • Gingivitis can be reversed with a deep cleaning and appropriate oral hygiene practices.
  • Low to moderate periodontitis is characterized by some bone loss along with inflamed and bleeding gums.
  • Lastly, we have an advanced periodontitis plan. Advanced periodontitis is very serious because there has already been a considerable amount of bone loss, frequent loss of teeth, and the bacteria can invade the body systemically.

Whether your periodontitis is low, moderate, or advanced, dental hygiene therapies must be applied for your health and well-being.

Win the Battle Against Gum Disease with 7 Day Dental

The only non-surgical way to slow down periodontitis is to implement a comprehensive periodontal therapy plan designed specifically for you. You must come to the office for deep cleanings and application of periodontal medicines according to the schedule set by your dentist. You must be in using the prescribed home products. Together, you and your team at 7 Day Dental can win the battle against gum disease.


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